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Prioritized Initiatives 6 We commit to responsible marketing and reducing harmful drinking as a leading alcoholic beverage company.

Alcohol production throughout the world is rooted in the climate and culture of each region.
Alcohol has been a source of pleasure in daily life, and has played a significant role in celebrations over the centuries.
However, alcohol is also associated with misuse and abuse, including underage drinking, driving while intoxicated, and alcoholism. As a multi-faceted food and beverage producer and supplier, Suntory Group embraces its responsibility to address these issues Suntory Group has established Basic Principles regarding responsible drinking, and works to increase awareness about responsible drinking among the public. We conduct in-house checks on sales and advertising activities, and participate in, cooperate with, and support research institutions. We also participate in a wide range of activities regarding responsible drinking inside and outside Japan in cooperation with industries and the World Health Organization. In 2014, when Beam Suntory, which has a global marketing code of practice, joined the Group, we started holding regular meetings with their team on alcohol-related problems and responsible marketing.

CSR Action Plan

Prioritized items Mid-Term Targets Results in FY 2014 FY 2015 Action Plan
Awareness-raising initiatives promoting responsible drinking Popularize and raise awareness of responsible drinking among consumers
  • Continued awareness-raising initiatives to prevent underage drinking and binge drinking
  • Strengthen and continue consciousness-raising initiatives to prevent underage drinking and binge drinking
Pro-active approaches to improve industry-wide initiatives Leading the industry, implement industry commitments for the World Health Organization's global strategy to reduce harmful uses of alcohol
  • Considered the implementation of digital marketing age confirmation system
  • Continued not making promotion of energy drinks
  • Carry out specific measures for industry commitment
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