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We continue to take on unique challenges to innovate and build a richer society.

We extend our deepest sympathies to all those who have been infected with COVID-19 and their families, as well as everyone whose life and business have been severely affected by the pandemic. Furthermore, we would like to express our profound respect and gratitude for those who have worked to prevent the spread of infection and the medical personnel who have stood on the front lines.
Since the founding of the company, we have practiced a philosophy of Giving Back to Society. In this crisis, our whole group has worked together to help those in need, such as by supplying products and making donations. For instance, we provided rubbing alcohol and personal protective equipment free of charge to medical personnel around the globe. We intend to keep doing whatever we can so that together we may overcome the hardships of COVID-19.

The Suntory Group strives for a society in which people’s lives shine. We believe we have a mission “to create harmony with people and nature.” In our efforts toward a sustainable society, we have enriched people’s lifestyles by providing them with top-quality products and services while always keeping in mind diversity and coexistence with our beautiful global environment. Even amid the chaos of the coronavirus, we must not put off our efforts to achieve such a sustainable society.

In 2019, the Suntory Group set forth a Sustainability Vision to further its goal of Growing for Good. Accordingly, the group is working as one to advance global environmental protection efforts such as conserving water resources, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting cyclic use of resources, as well as to respect human rights in the supply chain and to help people live spiritually rich and healthy lives. We particularly believe we have a responsibility to be a global leader with ahead-of-the-curve efforts in water sustainability, as a company with a public commitment of “Mizu To Ikiru” (living with water), as well as in the urgent issues of greenhouse gas reduction and plastic.

We consider our water initiatives to be the most important issue for Suntory as a company that delivers nature's gifts in products. In Japan, we have undertaken a forest development project that should provide for twice the amount of water that we use, and we have been enlightening the next generation with the Suntory “Mizuiku” Natural Water Education Program. Now we are applying what we have learned from our water initiatives in Japan to other regions such as the US and Southeast Asia.
Our vision is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across the whole value chain to virtually zero by 2050. To this end, this year we raised our targets for 2030 to 50% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions at our sites and 30% reduction across the whole value chain. Designed to limit global temperature rise to 1.5 °C, these are challenging targets. However, in the spirit of Yatte Minahare, we will take bold and innovative steps in early adoption of renewable energy and accelerated capital investment through introduction of internal carbon prices.
As for plastic, in 2019, we adopted a Plastic Policy. By 2030, we aim to make all the materials in the plastic bottles we use in all regions sustainable and to cut our use of virgin fossil materials to zero. Also, last year, we established a new company, R Plus Japan, Ltd., to advance plastic recycling. We hope to build an ecosystem for recycling not just PET but also a broad range of plastics that are hard to recycle, and thus contribute greatly to the realization of a circular economy.

“Good products” are not just about being safe, reliable and high-quality now. Increasingly, there is also the expectation of work to address environmental and social issues, such as greenhouse gas emissions, preservation of natural resources, and protection of human rights across the supply chain. We at the Suntory Group will listen to the voices of consumers and other stakeholders, with sustainability at the core of our management, and deliver good products that contribute to a sustainable society. And we will continue to take on unique challenges to innovate and build a brighter society as a multifaceted beverage and liquor company growing globally.

July 2021
Takeshi Niinami
Representative Director, President & Chief Executive Officer
Suntory Holdings Limited