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Continue Innovation and Challenge as Mizu To Ikiru Company to Contribute the Realization of Sustainable Society Takeshi Niinami President and Chief Executive Officer, Member of the Board, Representative Director, Suntory Holdings Limited

The Suntory Group defines its mission to create more affluent lifestyles while simultaneously realizing constant harmony with society and the beautiful global environment by delivering the highest quality products and services to people around the world as the “To Create Harmony with People and Nature” corporate philosophy. Moreover, “Mizu To Ikiru” are the words we use to symbolize our promise with consumers and society to put this corporate philosophy into practice. These words incorporate our desire to protect rich water resources and an environment that cultivates water, our wish to be a company that enriches society like water and our hope to always be as be free and flexible like water to persevere in new themes. We know that fulfilling our promises will help realize a Suntory Group trusted by people worldwide because this promise continually demonstrates to the world specific success around these three passions which incorporate the “Mizu To Ikiru” spirit as our businesses expand globally around alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.
However, the challenges we need to confront are extremely broad from global environmental issues, depleting resources, energy and food due to population growth as well as the growing disparity gap. The world is actively moving to find solutions to these problems as shown by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)adopted at the 2015 United Nations Summit as well as Paris Accord established at the COP21 (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change). The Suntory Group sincerely confronts these same problems as it expands businesses globally and knows it must further accelerate initiatives able to contribute to resolving each issue.
The environment is the management foundation for the Suntory Group which is supported by the blessings of nature from water to agricultural goods. We believe that we have a duty to pass down a planet lush with nature to the next generation by contributing to this rich natural environment. In particular, we have positioned issues related to the water which is a vital resource supporting both the lives and lifestyles of people as well as the economy while also being the source of the business activities at the Suntory Group. As a “Mizu To Ikiru” company, we have positioned water as the issue to prioritize above all else. This awareness led us to sign The CEO Water Mandate United Nations Global Compact initiative in March 2018. Our participation in this initiative represents the strong will of the Suntory Group to resolve problems related to water.

Contributing to the Realization of a Sustainable Society Worldwide in Anticipation of the Future

The Suntory Group formulated the Sustainable Water Philosophy as a fundamental ideal shared throughout the entire Group in 2017 to ensure the ideas and activities of Water Sustainability cultivated in Japan are practiced globally. Furthermore, we amended the Environmental Vision toward 2050 and set new targets toward 2030 to provide even clearer direction to our environmental management. These aggressive new targets have been set around the two pillars of water sustainability and climate change measures for the purpose of handing down a sustainable global environment to the next generation. In terms of our targets related to water, we have set a goal to cut water use in half at plants worldwide by 2050*1 and will promote manufacturing limiting water use. We would also like to contribute to realization of an affluent sustainable society by expanding initiatives that also take on the challenge of addressing regional issues such as water access striven toward by international action goals while actively expanding water enlightenment programs at the same to share with society the importance of passing down a planet lush with nature to the next generation.

  • *1
    Reduction per unit production based on the business fields in 2015.

Strengthening Initiatives Worldwide to Address the Most Important Problem of Water

Suntory plants carried out water conservation activities related to their water consumption and achieved a 26% reduction per unit production in 2017 compared to 2007. We will expand initiatives aiming to further reduce the water consumption at our plants all over the world by 2030.
We are also clearly expanding water initiatives in line with the issues faced in each region where we are growing our businesses. The Natural Water Sanctuary Projects conducted to preserve water resources and biodiversity which began in 2003 from Kumamoto and Aso have grown to approximately 9,000 ha across 20 sites in 14 prefectures throughout Japan. In addition to launching a Water Sanctuary Project at the Maker’s Mark American distillery in Kentucky and expanding water resource conservation activities while co-existing with communities, we have started nature conservation activities in France suitable to the situation faced in each region. We have also taken the next-generation Suntory Mizuiku-Education Program for Nature and Water that began in Japan in 2004 to Vietnam and South Africa to share the importance of the natural environment which cultivates rich water sources. We are contributing to improving the sanitation of the environments where these children live in addition to sharing information such as the vitality of water and the importance of preserving water sources.

Aiming to be a Company Valued by Society as ONE SUNTORY

The challenge of bringing the “Mizu To Ikiru” spirit global and making sustainability a reality is massive. However, we know the very moment we realize this goal at the Suntory Group is the moment when we will become a good corporate group trusted, adored, and sincerely valued by people around the world.
The foundation of these initiatives is the strength of each and every employee under the Suntory Group umbrella. The unflinching challenging spirit rooted in “Yatte Minahare” spirit passed down since our founding and the “Giving back to society” spirit which drives us to contribute a portion of the profit earned from our businesses to society are vibrant in the Suntory Group today. We will leverage the strength of the diverse values, ideas and skills of our human resources as ONE SUNTORY to go beyond the borders of countries, businesses and organizations founded in these two founding spirits. This strength will allow each employee to find motivation and happiness in their work and drive the ongoing growth of both the individual as well as the organization. We will expand this circle of happiness to include society. Our belief is that the ideal form of our corporate group grows continually together with consumers and society in this virtuous circle.

We at the Suntory Group will continue to innovate and step up to challenges with the goal of becoming a “Growing for Good” company, which continues to create new value toward the realization of a sustainable and vibrant society by listening to the voices of all of our stakeholders, including our customers.

June 2018
Takeshi Niinami
President and Chief Executive Officer, Member of the Board, Representative Director,
Suntory Holdings Limited

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