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Communicating with Customers

Since our founding, we have given top priority to customer satisfaction. We value regular communications with our customers and reflect their feedback in our corporate activities.

Realizing Customer Satisfaction

The Suntory Group values two-way communications with its customers in the belief it has held since its founding that customer satisfaction should be given top priority.
In 1976, we created the Consumer Department to handle inquiries from customers. The office now operates as the Customer Relations Division of Suntory Business Expert Ltd. This has further improved our ability to deal with customer feedback in earnest and ensure that their views are reflected broadly in our corporate activities.

Flow of Customer information
Details on Customer Inquiries, Feedback, and Complaints (2012 statistics: 96,848 cases)
Details on Customer Inquiries, Feedback, and Complaints(2011 statistics: 124,503 cases)
  • *1 Complaints: Includes expressions of dissatisfaction by customers about products or corporate activities
  • *2 Inquiries and feedback: Includes a wide range of questions and opinions expressed by customers other than complaints
Customer Satisfaction Project

The Customer Satisfaction Project is our attempt to nurture a corporate culture in which all of our employees keep the customers' perspective in mind in their work.
We hold training programs for all employees, including those in divisions that have few opportunities to hear the views expressed directly by our customers. Our Discover the Customer's Perspective Courses and Experience the Customer's Perspective Program form the core of the project.
In 2012, we increased the number of times courses were offered and expanded our programs, resulting in the participation of 3,137 employees.

Discover the Customer's Perspective Courses
Experience the Customer's Perspective Program

Making Use of Customer Opinions

We take customer feedback into account when it comes to quality improvements, new product development, and improving our ability to provide information. We are also committed to offering products and services that are simple for everybody to use. We therefore conduct preliminary checks from the standpoint of customers at the time of product development. In 2013, we continue to reinforce our checks on containers and packaging and campaigns.

TOPICS:Clarifying sweetness-dryness on wine labels

Pointing out that wine labels specify “medium body” but do not clarify whether a red wine is sweet or dry, customers have prompted us to improve labels on our Antioxidant Additivefree Delicious Wine (Mild Red). In August 2012, in addition to information about body of the wine, we have added a 5-point scale ranking for sweetness-dryness in order to provide customers with a clearer understanding of products.

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