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Educating and Raising Awareness of the Employees About Respecting Human Rights

We respect human rights and aim to eradicate discrimination of nationality, gender, age or disability.

Establishing a Committee to Promote Respect for Human Rights

Suntory Group’s Code of Business Ethics sets down a clause to eradicate all discriminations and harassments. In doing so, Human Rights Education Promotion Committee consisting from a central committee and human rights promotion member present in each office is established in the aim of respecting human rights and eradicating discrimination of nationality, gender, age or disability. Based on the belief that it is important for every employee to have a correct understanding about human rights to work with peace of mind, we are continuously raising awareness and hold programs to educate and raise awareness regarding human rights are new management training and new employee training.

Introduction of Compliance Hotline

Employee awareness survey, which includes items on harassment, is carried out once in two years to understand the current status and improve initiatives. Furthermore, an internal reporting system, "Compliance Hotline" is placed outside the company. There are female personnel as well to provide and environment that is easy to consult.

Preventing Sexual Harassment through Raising Awareness

Suntory Group has made Sexual Harassment Prevention Manual and raise awareness among the employees through the Intranet. Reminders about sexual harassment are continuously made through such as new manger training.

Prohibiting Power Harassment by Employees

We have set down in Suntory Group Standards for Business Conduct to prohibit the use of strong words back by position or difference in rank among the employees. Information need for correct understanding and to raise awareness for power harassment is provided regularly through the Intranet as well.

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