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Morrison Bowmore Distillers Ltd.

Head Office Springburn Bond, Carlisle Street, Glasgow G21 1EQ, U.K.
Established 1951
Sales 49,770 thousand pounds (fiscal 2012)
Employees 207 (as of December 31, 2012)
Business activities Production and sales of Scotch whisky

Company Overview and Philosophy

Our Vision

We aim to be the Single Malt Specialist.

Our Values

People, Passion, Performance
Our corporate culture is built upon our values of People, Passion and Performance. These values ensure that our employees recognise the provenance and unique history of our business, are passionate about our products, are creative and innovative with our brands, are focused on success and above all that we manage our business in an ethical and long term manner.

Primary CSR Activities

CSR Management

Risk Management

We at Morrison Bowmore Distillers have established risk management procedures covering a wide range of potential events such as product contamination, product recalls, and major fire/explosion. These procedures also include our business continuity procedures, which are evaluated on a regular basis to ensure that our business systems will be up and running as normal within 30 hours of a major disaster.

Ensuring health and safety in the working environment
OHSAS 18001 certification

Morrison Bowmore Distillers has received OHSAS 18001:2007 certification. The OHSAS standard is an international standard for occupational health and safety management systems. The proper implementation of the standard enables us to maintain a safe and healthy working environment and to identify and reduce health and safety risks for our employees. This standard also preemptively reduces the risk of accidents occurring.

Quality Management

Quality management system certification

Morrison Bowmore Distillers has received ISO 9001:2008 certification for our quality management system. This system focuses on continual improvement and customer satisfaction by ensuring our products, processes, and services meet and exceed our customers' expectations. This is achieved through implementing a broad range of quality management procedures, and product quality is monitored by reviewing the past performance of our key suppliers as well as our own performance.

ISO 9001 certification
Quality checks during product packaging
Food safety management
ISO 22000 certification

Morrison Bowmore Distillers' headquarters in Glasgow, where all of our blending and bottling processes are carried out, has received ISO 22000:2005 certification. This management system covers important elements to ensure food safety, such as interactive communication, systems management, control of food safety hazards through pre-requisite programmes and HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) methods. This certification demonstrates our ability to control food safety risks and ensures that our products are safe for our customers to enjoy.

FEMAS certification
FEMAS certification

Our Auchentoshan, Bowmore, and Glen Garioch Distilleries have each received FEMAS (Feed Materials Assurance Scheme) certification. This food safety standard ensures that our distiller's draff, which is a natural byproduct of the mashing process, is safe to be used as animal feed. This system includes both our own quality management procedures and HACCP procedures.

Implementation of the Kaizen Project jointly with Suntory

Led by Suntory's Quality Assurance Division and the Monozukuri Skill Knowledge Center, the Kaizen Project has been carried out since 2006 for the purpose of resolving technical and quality assurance issues at Group companies.
The Kaizen Project Team was formed together with production and quality assurance staff from overseas companies of the Suntory Group engaged in production of alcoholic beverages (Louis Royer, Lejay Lagoute, Mozart Distillerie, etc.). Each year the team conducts programs following a process of sharing issues each Group company is currently experiencing, establishing targets, reviewing past experience, and setting future issues.
Cases of success and other results from the Kaizen Project are reported at the Monozukuri Technology Innovation Forum, which gathers together members of the Suntory Group from around the world once a year. The Kaizen Project has contributed not only to improving production efficiency and quality levels at Group companies, it has also allowed Suntory Group companies to learn from each other while transcending national and business division barriers, helping foster a greater sense of solidarity within the Suntory Group. The project is also developing human resources with the aim of being able to have each Group company identify and resolve its own issues in the future.
Through this project, Morrison Bowmore Distillers outfitted bottle conveyers and covers with the insect-repelling orange film used at Suntory plants, which is showing impressive efficacy in protecting products from dust and insects.

Kaizen Project meeting in progress
Insect-repelling orange film on a bottle conveyer

Environmental Efforts

Life cycle analysis

To reduce the environmental impact of whisky production, in 2008 the Scotch Whisky Association set environmental management indicators for 2020, and the industry is collectively working toward them. MBD has also established its own more stringent targets and has formed a lifecycle analysis team, aiming to reduce environmental impact at all stages from production and manufacture to disposal. Even as production volume has increased, MBD has successfully reduced CO2 emissions by 14% and packaging weight by 15% compared to 2008.

Efforts involving energy resources

We are working to achieve 20% renewable energy use by 2020, and to make this target 80% by 2050. In our challenge to achieve these targets, we plan to introduce a new cogeneration system this year at our Auchentoshan Distillery that produces electricity and thermal energy from distillery byproducts. When this system is introduced, it will be the industry's first cogeneration system at a single malt distillery.

Pot still at Bowmore Distillery
Auchentoshan Distillery
Procurement of cask materials

All of the casks that Morrison Bowmore Distillers purchases are made with oak produced from sustainable forests.
Producing whisky is a long process that requires a mid- to long-term approach. Consequently, MBD collaborates with suppliers to achieve sustainable procurement of the highest-quality raw materials. Among these materials, MBD undertakes procurement of the vital cask material, which significantly influences the aroma and flavor of whisky, with particular commitment and passion. MBD has concluded contracts with selected suppliers, partnering with them to ensure a stable supply of bourbon barrels from Kentucky, U.S.A., as well as sherry barrels from Jerez de la Frontera, Spain. MBD makes several visits each year to the locations to carefully select cask materials. Thanks to relationships it has built with cask suppliers for over 20 years, MBD is able to procure the highest-quality cask materials.

Bowmore Islay Single Malt Scotch Whiskies are aged slowly with care in casks made from the highest-quality oak to cultivate their distinctive aroma and full-bodied flavor.
Recycling of packaging materials

Morrison Bowmore Distillers has reduced the packaging materials it uses by more than 10%, its target for year 2020.
Glass bottles have been made 6% lighter on average, while the cylindrical cases bottles are packaged in have been redesigned in a carton shape, resulting in 30% lighter weight on average. The average weight of the final product has thus been reduced 15% (per 9L case).
We will continue to improve our environmentally friendly packaging while maintaining design quality standards. A number of packaging-related projects are underway to this end, including further appropriate reductions in bottle weight and revising the weight and materials used in sealing caps.
Additionally, 40% of packaging materials come from recycling-sourced ingredients. All product packaging can be reused and recycled to ensure that packaging waste is not disposed through landfills.

Life Cycle Analysis
Life cycle analysis
Environmental management certification
ISO 14001 certification

Morrison Bowmore Distillers has received ISO 14001:2004 certification. This environmental standard ensures that we not only comply with legislation, but also excel in this area by achieving targets and objectives higher than those specified in the standard. Bowmore Distillery has received environmental awards not only at local and national level, but at European level as well.

Reusing waste heat from the distilling process
Public swimming pool heated with waste heat

Water in the community swimming pool in the Bowmore district is heated using waste heat from the distilling process. This waste heat is also used to dry malt in the kiln, preheat charges to the stills, and heat our Visitor Center. Reusing waste heat contributes to reducing CO2 emissions not only at our distillery, but also for the town of Bowmore.

Recycling packaging waste

Our Waste Packaging Committee investigated the stream of waste produced at our Springburn Bond Head Office, which includes our blending and bottling facilities. In the recycling process, we separate all types of waste including glass, metal, paper, wood, plastic, and cardboard into those materials that can and cannot be recycled. Casks that can no longer be used for aging are reused as corking material for newly filled casks.
We also cut old casks in half and sell them at our distillery and other locations as garden planters. Natural byproducts of the distilling process are used on our grounds as fertilizer.
We prepare detailed monthly reports of the waste each division generates and the associated costs. We have already achieved over 80% recycling on all waste streams generated and will aim for further improvement.

Relations with Business Partners

Morrison Bowmore Distillers' basic procurement philosophy is to work on a cooperative basis with our business partners. For both social and environmental reasons, we prioritize sourcing from within Scotland wherever possible, and then the other parts the UK.
To confirm that we procure components that meet the high quality standards we demand and expect at the best possible prices, we periodically invite tenders from a wide range of suppliers.
Producing whisky is a long process that requires a mid- to long-term approach. Consequently, Morrison Bowmore Distillers gives all of its suppliers a questionnaire once every three years and evaluates them on a three-step scale. We work together with suppliers on projects to achieve quality assurance and supply chain CSR toward realization of sustainability.

Relations with Employees

International Safety Awards ceremony in April 2013

Morrison Bowmore Distillers believes responsible conduct by each and every employee as well as teamwork are essential to Scotch whisky production. Therefore, we make every effort to create environments in which employees can demonstrate their full potential and work with peace of mind.
MBD's approach to employee labor conditions has also been recognized, including becoming the first company to receive the distinction award in the food and beverage category of the British Safety Council's International Safety Awards for three consecutive years.
How MBD attracts, develops and retains its employees is of uttermost importance and our relationship with Suntory is an important element of this.

Investors in People award

Morrison Bowmore Distillers is a recipient of the IIP (Investors in People) award. This is an award recognized throughout the UK, given to companies that have developed their organization's performance through their employees. We received this award in June 2008. To ensure that we can continue to improve the company's performance through employee management and development, we will continue to operate under the standard of this award. Since receiving the award, in order to achieve operational goals, we have improved the company's performance through employee management and individual employees' personal growth and have applied the standard of this award to our business operations. We undergo a review every three years to make certain that we are conforming to this standard.

"Healthy Working Lives" Award

Morrison Bowmore Distillers received a Silver HWL (Healthy Working Lives) Award in recognition of our activities to promote health and safety in the workplace. This Scottish Government program provides a framework for employers to support the health and well-being of their employees.

Employee opinion survey

Every two years, MBD undertakes an employee opinion survey by global research agency Great Place to Work related to job satisfaction. The results of the questionnaire are used to help formulate a concrete action plan to make improvements in areas where they are needed and create better workplace environments.

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