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Suntory Mexicana, S.A. De C.V.

Head Office Magdalena No.226, Colonia del Valle, 03100, Mexico, D.F. Mexico
Established September 1983
Business activities Production and sales of alcoholic beverages (Midori)

Company Overview and Philosophy

In Harmony with People and Nature

As a member of the Suntory Group, our goal is to provide quality products and service, and to contribute to the realization of a fulfilling lifestyle.

Primary CSR Activities

CSR Management

Measures to monitor and supervise management

Suntory Mexicana has adopted the following three measures to monitor and supervise its management.

  • • Management performance reviews in conjunction with Suntory's International Liquor Division (monthly)
  • • Accounting audit done by an accounts auditing company (yearly)
  • • Quality management system audit by an external auditor (twice a year)
Stimulating awareness of compliance matters

Suntory Mexicana has made the Suntory Group's quality policy "All for the Quality" the quality policy of its own manufacturing division. At monthly meeting attended by all employees, we review and reaffirm the particulars of that policy. Since the third item in our quality policy functions as a compliance policy, we are stimulating our employees' awareness of compliance matters through this initiative.

Quality Management

Providing safe and reliable products

Based on the Suntory Group's "All for the Quality" policy, we aim to have all our employees strive to always ensure and improve quality through all aspects of our business, including ingredients procurement, manufacture, distribution, and sales.

Latest technology filler and capper
State-of-the-art labeler
ISO 9001 certification
ISO 9001:2008 certification

In order to maintain and manage our quality assurance system at the highest possible level, in February 2011 we obtained ISO 9001:2008 certification for our product quality management system. Based on ISO 9001, we make efforts to identify and prevent potential risks associated with product quality.

Environmental Efforts

Reducing CO2 emissions

Since 2009, we have been working to determine the basic amounts of energy and fuel we use at our plants, set annual reduction targets, and develop new approaches. We review our findings on a monthly basis.
As a result, we replaced our aging water-tube boilers with miniature, state-of-the-art flow-through boilers, which improved our fuel-use efficiency and reduced NOx emissions.
We have been making other efforts to reduce our environmental impact, such as by installing highly efficient screw compressors in 2011 to lessen the amount of energy we use.

New utility building
Miniature flow-through boilers
A highly efficient screw compressor
Improving water conservation in the manufacturing process

We are working towards water reuse, for example, by using the water produced as a byproduct of the pure water creation process during blending for pre-washing tanks and to clean floors. We are working to reduce water usage in the bottling process by optimizing the frequency with which fillers are washed.

Relations with Customers

Listening to our customers

In order to improve our customer satisfaction levels, we frequently conduct surveys with our major customers. The results of customer feedback from these questionnaires are directly applied to improve our services.

Relations with Business Partners

Working with business partners

We work together with our business partners to improve the quality of our products and our operations. For example, we worked together with a supplier on improving the quality of the bottles used for Midori by studying, implementing, and evaluating concrete polices toward that end on a monthly basis.

Relations with the Local Community

Offering plant facility tours
Local college students on a plant visit

We work hard at improving our relationship with the local community, for example, by opening up our plants for tours by local college students. We hope that such measures help to improve the understanding of Suntory's business operations by the people of Mexico.

Relations with Employees

A fair system for evaluating that work is rewarding

Each of our employees has an interview with his or her boss at the start of the year to set their goals for the following 12 months and looks at the results in an end-of-the-year review interview. Management level personnel (division chief or higher) evaluate each person, and the direct bosses of each employee pass on to them the results of those evaluations. Furthermore, those employees with talent and demonstrated performance are recruited for managerial positions regardless of gender or age.

Promoting the work-life balance

In order to normalize working hours, we introduced a system under which an application has to be filed before an employee can work overtime as a way to prevent overly long working hours and excessive workloads. Twice a month, we also assess how much overtime each person is working and encourage staff to take compensatory time off based on their workload. The compensatory time and pay for overtime is calculated by the hour.

Employee satisfaction surveys

We began conducting employee satisfaction surveys in 2007 in efforts to achieve work environments where our employees can work at their jobs with peace of mind. The direct feedback that we receive from employees contributes to improving a wide variety of company policies.
We also improve work lives through corporate trips, soccer tournaments, year-end parties, and recognition for continued employment.

Improving workplace safety and health

Each month, both company executives and staff tour our workplace, looking for ways to better ensure the safety and health of our employees. Problems found during these tours are immediately corrected and prevention measures improved, directly leading to preemptive prevention of accidents and disasters.

Employee training
ISO 9001 training

Our plant employees receive a wide variety of training, including Suntory Group product quality standards, ISO 9001 training, health and safety training, sensory training, and emergency drills. Such training helps us improve the skill of all our employees.

Organizing labor-management councils

We organize and hold labor-management council meetings in our plants once a year to review wages and systems. Management information and the like are also shared at monthly meetings.

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