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Orangina Schweppes Group

Head Office Paris: 133, rue Victor Hugo, 92300 Levallois-Perret, France
Business activities Soft drinks production and sales

Company Overview and Philosophy

Our Mission

To be daring in everything we do with the aim of delighting our local consumers with fun, refreshing and natural moments of pleasure.

Our Vision

We will be the most daring and admired brand builder in the beverages industry

Our Values
  • • Entrepreneurial spirit:
    Always open minded, we dare to innovate in everything we do and we grow the Orangina Schweppes Group as if it were our company
  • • Teamwork:
    We benefit from each other's talent and trust each other
  • • Passion:
    Our energy and enthusiasm drive our success that we celebrate
  • • Engagement:
    We are accountable and responsible in everything we do
Our Working Mindset:

Think big, Move fast and Be Naturally Daring

Primary CSR Activities

CSR Platform

Naturally Daring for a Sustainable Delight

We believe our social mission is to bring delight to our consumers, the community, and the global environment by preserving nature in the frame of our business activities, for instance in the production process of our products. We have made nutrition, environment, human resources, and social contributions our priority areas, and are working hard to put our mission into practice. Our approach is continually evolving thanks to our daring spirit and constant creativity towards both our products and employees while using our natural energy to promote sustainable lifestyles.

CSR Management

QEHS management system

We developed our unique QEHS (Quality, Environment, Health, and Safety) policy as a strategy for continued corporate growth. Our standards are tougher than those required by the EU and local governments, and are promoted through our QEHS management system. This policy is strictly followed and correctly implemented to focus on providing our customers with high quality products that best meet their needs.

NUTRITION: Daring to offer drinks that successfully combine well-being with delight

Our ambition is to gradually acclimatize our consumers to fully enjoying beverages that are less sweet in taste. This requires for our Research & Development teams a full and ongoing reformulation of each existing product. It is as well a key driver for our products' innovations.
Engaged with the French government's nutrition plan (PNNS), the average added sugar content of our portfolio has been reduced by 14% since 2006 All our Business Units are committed to this cause, sharing the same ambition.
We make natural ingredients a priority for our consumers' well-being, convinced that naturalness can be delightful! Indeed, thanks to significant investments in Research & Development, we are gradually eliminating all artificial additives and are promoting the fruit at the heart of our recipes.
Most of our brands contain no artificial colorings and flavorings, and some of them, such as Trina in Spain, are already made with ingredients all coming from natural origins.
We also aim at informing and protecting our consumers: providing full nutritional information on all our packs and defining responsible communication guidelines towards sensitive populations.

ENVIRONMENT: Daring to lighten our impact on the environment within our business activities

Reducing our environmental impact for a respectful delight

We believe that reducing impacts on the global environment makes people happier. Based on this belief, we keep improving the way our ingredients are sourced, and our beverages are made, packed and promoted. This approach has led to reductions in waste, water usage, greenhouse gas emissions, and energy consumption, and has improved our recycling rates. Through all these efforts and many other initiatives at all levels of our production chain, we aim to accelerate the reduction of CO2 emissions and waste and to obtain ISO 14001 certificate (certification in environmental management systems) for all plants by 2013.

Enhancing sustainable production practices for our ingredients

We enhance sustainable production practices for our ingredients to ensure high quality, as well as social and environmental respect, by pursuing a responsible policy towards our suppliers. For instance, in 2011, we implemented in nine countries an extensive and thorough diagnosis of our key fruit suppliers (80% of our fruit volumes), and defined ethical purchasing guidelines in all our suppliers' tools.

Reducing our global carbon footprint via constant packaging optimization
  • • Using only 100% recyclable packs (PET, aluminum, steel and glass), and involving our brands as the best ambassadors for consumers' recycling incitement.
  • • Decreasing the weight of our packaging: -12% since 2006 (i.e. 3,200 tons of materials saved per year), steadily improved by new production processes.
  • • Using more and more recycled materials, especially on our flagship brands.


  • • Launch of a new 2L Oasis bottle in 2012, 15g lighter than the previous one.
  • • Integration of recycled PET in all French and Belgian Orangina ranges since 2011.
Preserving water resources

As water is one of our major ingredients, we are of course engaged in water preservation. Our water consumption in factories has been already reduced by 7% since 2006, saving approximately 250 million litres per year. Regarding the quality of water we use, we have imposed stringent control on and protections of our spring water in order to guarantee its high quality.


  • • Implementation of a new water recycling process in our Spanish juice concentrate factory, thereby saving 50,000 L / day.
Reducing waste

The manufacturing process for container packaging leads to significant waste. We have therefore started researching a radical new approach to reduce the amount of container packaging used, which will result in lighter and more easily recyclable containers.

Considering the environment during transport and distribution

We are concerned about the effects of greenhouse gas emissions associated with shipment and transportation and are therefore promoting a reduction of such emissions in our distribution system. We are also working toward incorporating environmental concerns into our routine business trips.

OUR PEOPLE: Encouraging our People to Grow by Daring Together

Becoming a "Great Place to Work," where staff can feel the pleasure of growing

Working at Orangina Schweppes, we really give our people the opportunity of growing by daring, taking initiatives, speaking up, thinking differently… We push people to be themselves and to live the ‘entrepreneurial spirit’ every day, benefiting from others' talents and diversity.
We also believe that supporting healthy eating habits among our employees is one of our corporate responsibilities. We have held seminars in France to deepen their understanding of nutrition basics and provide financial help to encourage our employees to participate in sports activities.
Our involvement in the social diagnosis ‘Great Place to Work®’ in 2011 showed that our people are empowered, given responsibilities (72%) and autonomous (73%). Eighty-seven percent of them are proud to tell that they are working for Orangina Schweppes!

Reducing job-related accidents

Workplace safety and health issues are a top priority for our plant workers, and we continue to promote plant management that results in low job-related accident rates.

Supporting internal healthy eating habits

As we believe that supporting healthy eating habits is one of our corporate responsibilities, we organized in 2009, a half-day seminar in France for 400 of our employees in order to improve their understanding of nutrition basics. Fruits are always available at all Orangina Schweppes' workplaces, inciting our staff to eat healthily and we also provide financial help to encourage our employees in sports activities.

Other activities
  • • Some of our employees have received firefighting training.
  • • We worked with our labor union to establish the Health and Safety Committee.
  • • All of our employees receive bi-annual health checkups.

CONTRIBUTION TO SOCIETY: Daring to shakeup habits for sustainable behaviours

At Orangina Schweppes Group, we dare to use our unique energy to positively promote sustainable behaviours and attitudes, shaking up habits!

Involving ourselves for families' nutritional information and education

Acting on the ground with local stakeholders, we support initiatives which stimulate positive nutritional habits, educating children and their families on the way they drink and eat, such as the promotion of fruits consumption.
Since 2009, we have therefore been involved in a successful program, supported by the European Commission in the field of obesity prevention, EPODE, based on educating children and their families on how to balance their diets and lifestyles. More than 250 European towns are already involved in this program, which has had effective results.

Participating in the establishment of the Epicurium (a museum devoted to fruits and vegetables) with PEIFL

To promote healthier eating habits for our customers, we participated in establishing in France the Epicurium with Le Pôle Européen d'Innovation Fruits et Légumes (PEIFL), an organization created to improve competition in the fruits and vegetables industry. This museum, which opened in Avignon's Agroparc in June 2010, has become an important consumer resource for information related to fruits and vegetables.

Promoting physical activity as an integral part of a well-balanced life

Being convinced that sports play a main role in children's education, as a key reference of both healthy lifestyles and human values, we are actively supporting national sports reflecting our values such as rugby, hand ball and tennis.
In France, we have been partner of the UNSS (Union National des Sports Scolaires – School National Sports Union) for more than 15 years, providing access to more than 80 different sporting disciplines for all secondary school pupils, while taking the opportunity to promote nutritional messages at each UNSS event in which we participate.

The OSÉS Project that supports less fortunate children

OSÉS (Orangina Schweppes Élans Solidaires) is a project established by Orangina Schweppes France to help disadvantaged children. Since its launch in 2005, it has sponsored over 100 projects such as "Ludopital," "Vaincre la Mucoviscidose," "Trait d'Union Le Havre," and "J'ai un Rêve."

Supporting regional revitalization in Morocco

The Dar El Jamâa commune, affected by severe draught, is considered by the International FIDA (Fund for Agricultural Development) as the poorest in the region south of Marrakech in Morocco. Villagers established an association to set up micro projects known as "Les Carrés de la Dignité" that promotes projects aimed at enriching people's lives through the cultivation of land and sale of agricultural products. We have provided funds to these projects, which has led to the creation of wells and irrigation systems and the harvesting of seedlings and seeds. Its success has fostered development, the integration of women into society, and higher literacy levels.

Participating in charity events for supporting people suffering from intractable diseases

The AFM (Association Française contre les Myopathies) was created in 1958 to find cures for neuromuscular diseases that are rare genetic and intractable illnesses, help those inflicted by such diseases, and inform the public about them. In 1988, AFM launched a telethon targeting large supermarkets throughout France, seeking partners who would donate a percentage of their sales to AFM. In 1991, Orangina Schweppes became a partner, donating EUR 70,000 to this cause in 2007.

Using the strength of our brands to stimulate positive social change

We are fully aware that powerful product brands can have a great influence on society. We convey the originality, pleasure and energy of our brands through messages that can lead to positive lifestyle changes. The following initiatives are some examples.

The logo used to encourage recycling that appears on products
Nutritional labels on the packaging of all products
  • • Nutritional information (including daily calorie intake guidelines) has been indicated on all our product packagings since 2009.
  • • All our products are developed in accordance with specific nutritional guidelines.
  • • Communication focused on naturalness for some of our major brands such as Oasis, Pulco, and TriNa.
  • • Recycle labeling of our brands is being promoted, to encourage consumers to separate different packaging materials in an easy-to-understand and fun way.
Conducting responsible marketing:

The Orangina Schweppes Group has created a special code of conduct for advertisements targeting children. It includes the following:

  • • We will not advertise in printed media, websites, movies, or television programs aimed at children under 12 years old.
  • • We will avoid any direct appeal to children to persuade parents or adults to buy products for them or to do anything else that goes expressly against the wishes or authority of parents, guardians, or educators.
  • • We will ensure that promotional activities offering prizes or rewards will not demand that consumers drink excessive quantities of products.
  • • We will not engage in any direct commercial activity (including vending machines) in primary schools, unless otherwise requested by the school authorities.
  • • We will ensure that in secondary schools, a full range of beverages (including mineral water, fruit juices, and other beverages in both regular and low-calorie versions), is made available in appropriate and reasonable container sizes.
  • • We will respect the commercial-free character of schools.

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