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Louis Royer S.A.S.

Head Office 27-29 Rue du Chail, 16200 JARNAC, France
Established 1853
Business activities Production and sales of cognac and liqueurs

Company Overview and Philosophy

Tradition and innovation

Louis Royer has been producing and selling cognac for over 150 years in the Cognac region. Today, our product line has expanded to include brandies, liqueurs, and spirits. We are always looking for ways to further innovate and supply our customers worldwide with satisfying products.

Primary CSR Activities

Quality Management

Quality Assurance

All of Louis Royer's operations have been certified under the British Retail Consortium's (BRC) Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 5. Our affiliate companies Louis Saveur and La Carthaginoise have also each obtained ISO 22000 and International Food Standard (IFS) certification. Our goal is to maintain the highest levels of product safety, which includes ensuring full traceability for every bottle that we produce.

BRC global food standards certification (Louis Royer)
ISO 22000 certification (Louis Saveur)
IFS certification (La Carthaginoise)
Ensuring rigorous quality control

To ensure that we manufacture high quality products, in 2003 we built and began operating an advanced new bottling plant to Suntory Group specifications. Here, the "Kaizen (continuous improvement)" is put into practice on a daily basis.

State-of-the-art bottling line facility
Providing instruction to improve techniques

Environmental Efforts

Developing new environmental activities
• Promoting container recycling

One of the important efforts of Louis Royer's production department is to work in cooperation with local companies dealing in glass, plastic, and cardboard in order to maximize our levels of recycled materials.

• Conserving water resources

We have re-examined our water usage during blending and bottling, and have not only reduced our overall water usage levels, but also improved water quality management of the waste water we produce.

• Conserving electric power

We have lowered the amount of electricity required for cooling by adopting heat exchange devices in the cold filtration process used in the manufacture of cognac.

• Conservation during the distillation process
Distillation cold water storage tank

Cold water is necessary in the distillation process. To help preserve the environment and save energy, the warm water that is created during distillation is saved in large holding tanks and reused after it has cooled. All residual products after distillation are collected by recycling companies that reuse in a variety of ways including the creation of dairy feed.

• Shielding for cognac leakage prevention

To prevent alcohol from leaking into the local environment, all of our cognac storage and blending facilities are equipped with leakage prevention shielding.

Relations with Customers

Louis Royer visitor center

We periodically welcome our customers and business partners to the Louis Royer visitor center, where visitors can learn more about how cognac is made and about our products.

Relations with Business Partners

To help maintain the cognac industry, we contract with local suppliers. We perform scientific and organoleptic analysis of all of the ingredients like wines delivered by our suppliers, and provide the results of our analysis to the local companies in order to preserve and improve product quality on both sides.

Cognac distillation
Cognac & spirits purchasing with a local business partner

Relations with the Local Community

Participating in local events

We take an active part in local events as a way of improving our relationship with our local society. We also participate in activities promoted by local governing bodies.

Educating future generations
Encouraging trainees to visit us

Each year, we accept trainees from across France to our catering school and other events.

Supporting cultural activities

We support many local cultural events, such as the Cognac Marathon, La route des tonneaux (a festival recreating the delivery of cognac casks), La Part des Anges (a charity auction), the Cognac Blues Passion Festival (a music festival), and other events.

A demonstration of traditional cask making
The Cognac Marathon

Relations with Employees

Promoting employee health and safety

Every quarter we have an internal meeting to review and improve our working environment, providing constant improvements. In order to maintain our employees' health, all employees undergo periodic medical examinations. We have furthermore formed labor unions and safety and health committees.

Providing employee training
A disaster preparedness drill

Employees in our production department undergo sensory training for taste and smell, and participate in various other seminars. All of our employees receive disaster preparedness drill training.

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