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Activities to Support Recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake

Suntory Group has established The Suntory Tohoku Sun-Sun Project to engage in activities designed to assist the recovery of areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake. With a total budget of ¥10.8 billion, these activities are mainly focused on the fields of fishing industry, youth, challenged sports and culture and sports. We remain committed to carrying out activities that bring us closer to the disaster affected areas in four main fields based on our commitment to bringing smiles and hope to these areas like the sun.
In Feature 2, we describe our most recent activities including support for challenged sports which was begun in 2014, and construction of after-school care for children.

For Athletes Who are Faced with Disabilities Supporting Challenged Sports

We are engaged in support activities that develop and popularize Challenged Sports and train athletes in cooperation with local governments and related organizations. These activities will span a seven year period from 2014 and have a budget of ¥1 billion.

Challenged Sports Academy

We hold about 15 events a year to provide an opportunity to experience challenged sports through challenged athlete making visits to schools in disaster affected areas and hold Athlete Visits and hands-on classes for elementary and middle school students and their parents.


Message from Participant Child

I got to experience wheelchair basketball. It was truly surprising to see how quickly the players were able to move and how the wheelchairs seemed to be part of their bodies. I got a strong impression that in spite of having disabilities, you could do anything you want. I would also like to do my best in everything
I do and take on a variety of new challenges.

Fourth grade boys from Ashizawa Elementary School in Tamura, Fukushima Prefecture

Challenged Athlete Subsidy

We provide grants to individuals and organizations as a way to support the training of athletes on par with global standards and to develop and popularize challenged sports. In the first term, we provided grants to 48 athletes and 15 organizations.

Track and Field Women's 100m
Hikari Niwase (Individual)

Wheelchair Basketball
Miyagi MAX (Organization)

Challenged Sports Training Support

We support strengthening the base and improving the environment of Challenged Sports in order to develop and popularize them. In fiscal 2014, we donated sports wheelchairs and other equipment to Iwate and Fukushima prefectures as well as basketball backboards and hoops to the Miyagi Prefectural Sports Center for the Disabled.

Miyagi Prefecture

Iwate Prefecture

Fukushima Prefecture

Stakeholders Dialogue

We believe that athletes involved in challenged sports
energize people in disaster affected areas.

I believe that Suntory Group's support for challenged sports is contributes to the recovery of disaster affected areas. The sight of challenged athletes overcoming their disabilities and aiming ever higher carries a powerful message and provides an enormous amount of energy to the people working toward
overcoming the disaster and recovery from it.
In order to realize our vision of an energetic society of coexistence, a change in the way society as a whole thinks about people with disability needs to occur, and we believe that challenged sports provides an opportunity for this kind of change. In preparation for the 2020 Paralympics, Suntory Group is providing continuous support for the development and popularization of challenged sports. We look forward to your cooperation in our efforts to spread the word and increase its fans.

Yasushi Yamawaki
Director, Japanese Para-Sports Association
President, Japanese Paralympic Committee
Governing Board Member, International Paralympic Committee

The Future of Disaster Affected Areas Supporting the Healthy Growth of Children

We provide support to building of children's after-school clubs and other safe places for children to play and learn, NPOs that support children and free scholarships.

Supporting Children's After-school Clubs and Children's Centers

We support the creation of places children can safely learn and play after school or holidays. Due to the increasing number of children in evacuation, we have been working with local governments and NPOs to support the construction of child care facilities, training of instructors and child care outside of day care centers in Fukushima Prefecture where there is a shortage of child care centers. In addition, in Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture, we are supporting the construction of the Children's Center, based on a plan made by children themselves, and visiting there to teach about culture and sports.

Supporting the Construction of Facilities

Three children's after-school club buildings were constructed: two in Iwaki and one in Minamisoma City. There are plans to construct two additional facilities in Soma City and another location in the latter half of 2015.

Supporting the Cost of Commuting During Excursions

We subsidize the cost of commuting during excursions in Iwaki City, Fukushima Prefecture. In fiscal 2014, assistance was provided to 2,839 children at 70 clubs.

Holding Workshops and School Visits

Group companies hold workshops and school visits on topics related to their business at the Ishinomaki Children's Center, opened in January 2014 with support from Suntory.

Ishinomaki City Children’s Center

Red Flowers Project workshop by Suntory Flowers


Message from the Mayor of Iwaki City

I would like to express my deep appreciation for the donating the children's after-school club. The children are extremely happy and have smiles on their faces every day. We are committed to working tirelessly to provide these children, who will someday take on the responsibilities of the future, with a healthy, nurturing environment and we look forward to your continued support of our efforts.

Toshio Shimizu
Mayor of Iwaki City

Providing Scholarships to Students at Fisheries High Schools

For five years beginning in fiscal 2012, we will continue to provide free scholarships to disaster affected students at seven fisheries high schools. We provided ¥300,000 per year to total of 2,000 students as of fiscal 2014.

Providing Assistance to NPOs that Support the Children of Fukushima

We have provided approximately ¥250 million over three years to 57 organizations that provide intensive support to children in Fukushima Prefecture who have been living in evacuation centers for long periods of time. We are supporting the activities of 17 organizations in fiscal 2015.

For the True Recovery Promoting Activities that Encourage Recovery of the Heart

We are implementing a variety of support programs in cooperation with notable artists and athletes based on our desire to bring smiles and happiness to people affected by the disaster.

TOMODACHI Suntory Music Scholarship

We also provide support to students who study at university for music in the U.S. in cooperation with the U.S. embassy and the US-Japan Council. (pledge of $1 million)
In fiscal 2014, we provided funds to students with priority placed on students from disaster affected areas, and two of the three students selected were from the Tohoku region.


Message from the FY2014 Recipient

Since the disaster struck, I wanted to contribute to the recovery of Tohoku region, where I grew up, through power of music. Thus, I was both happy and honored by the fact that I have received this scholarship to study at the Berkley College of Music. I will study as hard as possible in the U.S., the birthplace of jazz music, so that I can someday become a musician that can inspire people with music.

Shun Kumagai, Berkley College of Music (From Miyagi Prefecture, left)

Baseball Clinic Featuring Koji Uehara

In December 2014 we invited Koji Uehara of the Boston Red Sox and Yoshinobu Takahashi of the Yomiuri Giants to participate in our baseball workshops for local youths mainly in Ishimaki, Miyagi Prefecture.

Vienna Philharmonic & Suntory Music Aid Fund

We established a music aid fund together with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra to provide funding to musical activities, hold concerts in disaster affected areas and hold workshops with the Sendai Junior Orchestra.

Michinoku Wind Orchestra

We provide opportunities for leading musicians to instruct high school brass band members in disaster affected areas and opportunities for them to perform at Suntory Hall. High school students from Miyagi Prefecture took the stage in 2012, followed by high school students from Fukushima Prefecture in August 2014 and high school students from Iwate Prefecture in April 2015.

Suntory Presents Beethoven's 9th with a Cast of 10,000

Suntory Presents Beethoven's 9th with a Cast of 10,000 has presented the famous 9th Symphony through live link between Osaka-Jo Hall and special venue in the Tohoku region. In 2014, 150 people recruited from choruses in the Tohoku region were invited to Osaka-Jo Hall.


Totobutsuya, selling tuna caught by Dai-5 Yahatamaru opens

In October 2014, a retail store selling tuna caught by the Dai-5 Yahatamaru, which was constructed in Kesennuma, Miyagi Prefecture with the support of Suntory, opened in Kichijoji, Tokyo. We supported the stores startup from product planning to store development.

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