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Coexisting with Nature

Suntory Group's business relies on water and the blessings of nature. The earth's natural environment that provides us with water and natural resouces is an important foundation of our business. We coexist with nature in all the countries where we do business in order to ensure that future generations have a sustainable global environment. Suntory Group aims to be a global leader in the field of nature conservation and continues to engage in variety of initiatives.

Japan Protecting the Future of Water and Life13th year of Natural Water Sanctuary Activities

Forests of 8,000ha that nurture groundwater are located in 13 prefectures and 18 locations throughout Japan

In Japan, we have been engaged in Natural Water Sanctuary activities to create forests that nurture groundwater in water resource conservation areas in our plants to nurture more groundwater than used in our plants since 2003.
We are conducting surveys and research on a scientific basis with the help of the knowledge and technical skill of experts in a variety of fields as well as local people as we continue our work on forest development activities that consider 50 and 100 years in the future. In 2015, these activities are being conducted at 18 locations in 13 prefectures and reached over a total area of 8,000 ha. This represents an area that far exceeds the area required to nurture the amount of groundwater used in our plants. We are further developing these activities to expand the area where we nurture the groundwater to 12,000ha, twice the amount used in our plants, by 2020.

Aiming for Forests Rich in Biodiversity

When forests are restored in the way they should be, a change will occur in the animals that live in the forests and the forests as a whole will become healthy, balanced ecosystems. Through Natural Water Sanctuary activities, we are working to nurture groundwater and create forests rich in biodiversity.

North America Beam Suntory Aiming to be a Whisky Distiller that Coexists with Nature

Beam Suntory Distilleries Surrounded by Nature

The four primary Beam Suntory sites in the state of Kentucky, U.S., including the main Jim Beam distillery in Clermont and the Maker's Mark distillery, run their operations so that they can coexist with forests, lakes, rivers and the whole of nature. The cooling process, an essential part of whisky making, utilizes the water in circulation from lakes within the distillery's property. Employees have been working with people in local communities for over 200 years since the founding of the company to protect the surrounding natural environment.

Maker's Mark distillery surrounded by nature

Promoting nature conservation activities with local community

This has resulted in both protection of the neighboring natural environment and building good relations with the local community.

Activities in Vast Nature Conservation Areas Neighboring the Distillery

Next to the Clermont distillery is a conservation area that encompasses vast forests and botanical gardens, where employees regularly engage in cleanup activities and carry out initiatives with the local community.

The Color Fest event offering a chance to get in touch with the nature around the distillery

Environmental Team Playing Active Role in Distillery that Coexists with Nature

The Environmental Team, made up of employees of the Maker's Mark distillery, sets up nest boxes on company property, plants native plants, and works with the Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife to promote activities designed to maintain biodiversity.

Nest box at the Maker's Mark distillery

Cooperating with the Kentucky Department of Environmental Protection

The Beam Suntory whisky distillery in Kentucky works with Kentucky Excel, which was set up by businesses operating in the state of Kentucky and the Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection, to implement environmental conservation programs.

Environmental Committee made up of Japanese and U.S. members

The Beam Suntory Environmental Management Committee meets regularly to discuss environmental issues related to business activities and check on the progress of initiatives. As of 2014, members of Suntory Holdings, Ltd. also participate to promote environmental management coordination between Japan and the U.S.

Beam Suntory Environmental Management Committee


We promote activities to achieve coexistence of distilleries and nature

Conservation of the natural environment is an extremely important priority initiative. Suntory's corporate philosophy means coexistence with nature at the Maker's Mark distillery. The water created by nature is at the heart of our craftsmanship. As a member of the Environmental Team, I want to cooperate with the local community as we develop a variety of activities designed to protect the natural environment around the Maker's Mark distillery.

Victoria MacRae-Samuels
Vice President, Operations
Maker's Mark Distillery

Europe Château Lagrange Producing High-quality Wine Using Environmentally-friendly methods

Achieving an Environmental Cultivation that is Close to Nature with Minimum Use of Agricultural Chemicals

Chateau Lagrange, a winery in Bordeaux, France, is practicing viticulture methods known as “lutte raisonnée” in French. Using these methods allows us to carry out sustainable vine growing and wine making, which is respectful to the environment whilst also maximizing our rationalization of production. As part of this activity, Chateau Lagrange has been certified by “Terra Vitis” which requires us to strictly follow a natural cultivation approach such as limited use of agricultural chemicals and fertilizers, in addition to increasing beneficial insects for pest control. For example, Chateau Lagrange has also adopted the cover cropping technique, increasing the amount of grass in the grape plant furrows. The grass regulates the amount of moisture in the soil by absorbing excess water, which enhances the concentration of the grapes while also improving biodiversity. It helps to maintain the equilibrium of the ecosystem in the vineyard. As a result, it has led to an increase in the number of ladybugs, a beneficial insect, as well as having reduced the crop damage due to diseases.

High density cultivation

Vineyards that coexist with the beneficial ladybug

Asia Suntory PepsiCo Vietnam Beverage Thinking About the Importance of Water with Children in Vietnam First Suntory <i>Mizuiku</i> - Education Program for Nature and Water in Overseas

Holding Classes at Elementary Schools, Plant Visits and Other Unique Programs

In March 2015, Suntory Holdings, Ltd. tailored the Suntory Mizuiku - for Education Program for Nature and Water, which has already been in use in Japan for overseas elementary schools. It has been first launched in Vietnam with the cooperation of Suntory PepsiCo Vietnam Beverages and the international NGO Live & Learn. We are developing programs unique to Suntory such as classes that teach the importance of water, hygiene management and protecting water sources as well as organizing visits to beverage plants for a total of approximately 1,600 third and fifth grade elementary school students in Hanoi.

* Suntory's unique environmental education program designed to teach the importance of water to children has been running in Japan since 2004

Points of the Suntory Mizuiku


For the Children that will Lead the Environmental Activities in the Next Generation.

When implementing the Suntory Mizuiku - Education Program for Nature and Water in Vietnam, we utilize the know-how we have gained in Japan to create unique educational materials that have the maximum ability to communicate the project's message to Vietnamese children, who live in an environment that is different from Japan. In the future, we will take this program to other regions of Vietnam, and by continuing these efforts, we hope to build a program that educates new people who will take on the responsibility of future environmental conservation in our country.

Cao Hoang Nam
Corporate Affairs Manager
Suntory PepsiCo Vietnam Beverage

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