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Establishing Our Sustainable Water Philosophy

The Foundation of Our Water Craft

The Foundation of Our Water Craft

Our craftsmanship is only possible through nature’s gifts. It is our duty to nurture and protect water as an invaluable natural resource. Everything we create is grounded in respect and appreciation for water and we are committed to our efforts to keep water in its purest and most abundant form for future generations.

The Suntory Group Sustainable Water Philosophy was established to address relevant water issues in each of our regions of operation.As we grow internationally, we are expanding our work on water sustainability across the globe.

Sustainable Water Philosophy Overview

The Suntory Group Sustainable Water Philosophy Formulated
January 2017

Water is the most important ingredient of our products, as well as a precious shared resource. In order to achieve “water sustainability”, the first pillar of Suntory Group’s Environmental Policy, we want to share these values with all Suntory Group members and apply them where we operate in order to answer to our stakeholders’expectations.

  1. 1.
    Understanding the natural cycle of water
    We investigate watersheds around our sites to understand the local hydrological cycle, using a scientific approach when needed.
  2. 2.
    Promoting environmentally conscious water use
    We reduce the environmental impacts of water use on the natural water cycle by implementing 3R activities and returning water to nature after adequate treatment.
  3. 3.
    Conserving watersheds
    We conserve our watersheds and endeavor to improve local water quality and quantity in cooperation with stakeholders for a sustainable future.
  4. 4.
    Engaging with the local community
    We endeavor to support our community by fostering collective actions to solve water issues and enrich society


Establishing Our Sustainable Water Philosophy

Without water, our business would not be possible. The Suntory Group believes it is our responsibility to safeguard the environment and demonstrate great respect and appreciation for nature, for current and future generations. We place particular high importance on water, as it is one of our most vital natural resources in terms of sustaining life and economic growth. In keeping with our corporate tagline, "Follow Your Nature," Suntory works to preserve and regenerate natural water cycles.
The Sustainable Water Philosophy is a code of conduct shared throughout the Suntory Group to apply the concepts and activities we cultivated in Japan to our operations abroad. To enhance our effectiveness, we always tailor our Sustainable Water Philosophy to regional needs and circumstances.

Executive Officer, Suntory Holdings Limited
Corporate Communication Division, Suntory Holdings Ltd.
Tomomi Fukumoto

Our Sustainable Water Philosophy in Action!

Our Sustainable Water Philosophy has four tenants: Understand the natural water cycle; Promote environmentally conscious water use; Preserve watersheds; and Engage local communities. Modeled after our operations in Japan, Group facilities abroad also apply the Philosophy to regional initiatives. As the Suntory Group expands globally, we will continue to tailor our Sustainable Water Philosophy to regional needs and circumstances.

1. Understanding the natural cycle of water

Understanding water cycles through a scientific approach

Water will always be a vital resource. In order to sustainably manage limited water resources, we must understand the natural water cycle. The Suntory Group analyses where and how water flows around our plants, how to best conserve water use in our plants, the quantity of water that can be used without having a negative impact on the environment, and what can be done to facilitate a healthy water cycle.

Doctor (Engineering), Institute for Water Science
Shinjiro Yano

2. Promoting environmentally conscious water use

Reducing our water use

We practice the 3Rs to reduce the amount of water used in our production processes. In addition to using the lowest quantity of water possible (Reduce), we utilize advanced recirculation and reuse equipment for cleaning and other purposes (Reuse/Recycle). In keeping with the Suntory Group’s corporate tagline, "Follow Your Nature," our production sites have made a long-term commitment to sustainable water use.

Chief Engineer, (Natural Water Beer Plant)
Suntory Kyoto Brewery
Keisuke Shimizu

3. Conserving watersheds

Engage in water conservation and regeneration activities

To sustain the quality and quantity of groundwater, we must nurture and preserve forests. Suntory's "Natural Water Sanctuaries" activities started in 2003. In collaboration with local community members, experts have been conducting research and implementing preservation activities in approximately 20,000 acres of forest across Japan. True to our commitment to protecting precious resources, Suntory has pledged to preserve and nurture the forests that create the quality groundwater used in our products.

CSR Department
Suntory Holdings Limited
Ken Suzuki

4. Engaging with the local community

Creating tailored water initiatives for each region

Activities based on our Sustainable Water Philosophy are not only conducted in Japan but also by Group companies abroad. Our commitment to sustainable water use is consistent in each country and region in which we operate. Our activities to protect indispensable water resources are expanding worldwide.

Beam Suntory Inc.
Maker's Mark
Maker’s Mark Natural Water Sanctuary Project

Victoria MacRae-Samuels

The pristine water flowing into the beautiful lake on our distillery
grounds is what gives Maker’s Mark its distinctive taste. The high-quality limestone water that is purified by the stone itself is the heart of the Maker’s Mark brand. We are committed to proactive conservation activities that protect our
water resources, such as planting American White Oak trees

Vice President, Operations
Maker's Mark Distillery
Victoria MacRae-Samuels

Rob Samuels

Maker’s Mark is a handmade whiskey known for its rich flavor and extremely smooth finish. We respect and are committed to protecting the environment, including Maker’s Mark Distillery grounds, through conservation activities that allow us to continue offering this whiskey to customers around the world. We treasure everything used in the making of our bourbon whiskey, from the water and grains used as raw materials to the American White Oak used for our barrels

Chief Operating Officer
Maker's Mark Distillery
Rob Samuels

  • The spring-fed lake that spreads across the Maker’s Mark Distillery grounds is known for the quality of its water

  • A building on the Maker’s Mark Distillery grounds that has been designated a national landmark and American historic landmark

  • American White Oak trees being planted in the Maker’s Mark Natural Water Sanctuary in 2016

Suntory PepsiCo Vietnam Beverage Co., Ltd.

Expanding Our Efforts to Nurture the Next Generation, Suntory Mizuiku – Natural Water Education Program

Suntory Holdings Ltd. has also expanded target areas to conduct the Suntory Mizuiku - Natural Water Education Program in Vietnam, which teaches the importance of water to children for the next generation, to Bến Tre City in the Mekong delta. We will continue this activity in the future to deepen the understanding of the importance of water in an even greater number of children in Vietnam.

Chung Huong Giang

Suntory Mizuiku– Natural Water Education Program began in Vietnam in 2015 with support from the Suntory Group. We are very proud that Vietnam is the first country outside of Japan where the program is being implemented. Over two years, 16 elementary schools and 14,000 children in Vietnam have participated in the Suntory Mizuiku-I love clean water program, learning about the importance and vitality of water resources.
This initiative has two main pillars. The first is to communicate and heighten the awareness of these children about the importance of water, sanitation and water resource conservation in the same manner as the Suntory Mizuiku - Natural Water Education Program that is conducted in Japan. The second is to support hard aspects that include renovation and construction of facilities such as toilets and washrooms by providing filter equipment that will give the children access to clean water.

Chung Huong Giang
Suntory PepsiCo Vietnam Beverage Co., Ltd.
Corporate Affairs Manager

The clean equipment that has been kindly provided would quickly deteriorate due to a lack of ongoing maintenance if awareness about the sanitation is low in the people using it. Therefore, we emphasized education in particular as a way to heighten awareness about water and sanitary environments in the Suntory Mizuiku - Natural Water Education Program held in Vietnam.
We plan to expand this program nationally in order to raise awareness about the importance of water resources and change behavior. We also hope the children who have participated in our Suntory Mizuiku program share what they have learnt with their parents and community-at-large.

  • *
    Breakdown of participants in the Suntory Mizuiku - Natural Water Education Program (5,000 in Teaching about Water for Schools, 7,700 in Outdoor Schools for Forest and Water, and 1,300 in Factory Tours)

Cuong Tran Kim

We have offered tours of our Dongnai plant to elementary school students as part of the Suntory Mizuiku - Natural Water Education Program since 2016. Seeing these children tour our plant has left a great mark on my colleagues and I. I can clearly remember the surprised looks on their faces even today, especially when they saw the high-speed production line. Their eyes grew wide and I could hear shouts of surprise here and there.
I think we have been able to give greater awareness about water, the importance of the environment, and interest in waste management through these tours of our plant. This kind of project is also very good even in regards to teaching the children about communication. If these children have a better awareness about water and the environment, they themselves will influence their families and neighbors when they return to their homes and schools.

Cuong Tran Kim
Suntory PepsiCo Vietnam Beverage Co., Ltd.
Dongnai Plant Director

The Dongnai plant uses quite a lot of water, but the amount of water that is used is meticulously checked in every process and kaizen activities are conducted to reduce the amount of water that is used. As a result, I am proud to say that we are the most efficient plant of the five Suntory PepsiCo Vietnam Beverage Co., Ltd plants.
Even in terms of the Suntory Group Sustainable Water Philosophy, we will continue to strive forward in efforts such as the reduction of the water use at each plant and water conservation activities in the future with great empathy.

  • Colorful program materials designed and tailored for children

  • Children learning about the importance of water while working in groups

  • Children dancing and singing together


Feedback About the Suntory Mizuiku - Natural Water Education Program in Vietnam

In the past, I have engaged in environmental conservation activities for myself and the children, but Suntory Mizuiku - Natural Water Education Program is the first program with enhanced organizational content. I think this is a very advantageous program for the children and school faculty of course, but also for everyone in Vietnam because the material is very easy digest. (Vietnam Youth Organization)
The Suntory Mizuiku - Natural Water Education Program has been able to give greater awareness to many elementary school children. We only have very high praise for this project and expect great things in the future. The program is currently being expanded to four cities in Vietnam, but I hope it will become a national program at some point that is able to change people's perspectives and facilitate long-lasting habits. (Ministry of Education and Training)
The Suntory Mizuiku - Natural Water Education Program is a really friendly program that offers the right content to teach elementary school children. The way of giving a broader perspective to the children through the filtration experiments by showing them the water become clean was really fantastic. I am sure they also have an even better sense of things such as the importance of water, hygiene and water resource conservation. (Teacher) "The filtration experiment to clean water was amazing. It was a lot of fun to take the other classes with everyone else too. I want to protect the environment from now on too."
"I had fun learning a lot of new things." "I want to learn even more about environmental protection and water conservation so that I can use clean water in the future."
"I want to do the things that I learned to conserve water at home too."

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