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Development of Human Resources

Based on a fair and reasonable human resource system, we are working to create an environment where employees can develop and harness their capabilities to the full.

Develop and Harness Capabilities

The Suntory Group's human resource system focuses on developing and harnessing the capabilities of each and every employee. Our philosophy is to offer fair and reasonable compensation in accordance with the employee's stage of capability development, and the results shown from harnessing those capabilities. The following three themes are central to this basic philosophy.

  • • Each employee takes on increasingly difficult targets and challenges, with a spirit of improvement
  • • The company offers employees opportunities for skill and career development, and supports their selfactualization
  • • Compensation is fair, and clearly reflects the employee's role and results

Fair and Reasonable Evaluations

Four times a year, the Suntory Group holds interviews between superiors and subordinates where we strive to provide evaluations that each employee can agree with.
Based on individual Work Plans created at the beginning of the year, our employees are evaluated by reviewing their levels of achievement and the process of their efforts.
Feedback interviews that follow the evaluations are used to pass on the results, discuss expectations and areas for improvement, and encourage understanding of both the evaluation and further development and growth in their capabilities.
The labor union at the Suntory Group surveys its members on the interviews to examine how reasonable each employee found them. The results of the surveys are communicated to executive management, and are used to manage and revise the human resources system. Additionally, if any shortfalls in the interviews were seen, management questions the superior who conducted the evaluation and provides guidance.

Introduction of Challenge Targets

In 2013, we introduced “challenge targets” for nonmanager level employees. In addition to their regular duties, by having the employees voluntarily set their own more ambitious and difficult-to-achieve targets, we are going to strengthen our corporate culture of “Yatte MinahareóGo for it!” that is the Suntory Group's DNA.

Developing Human Resources Worldwide

As a truly global company, it is crucial that the Suntory Group develops employees to be human resources who can do excellent work globally so the company may achieve even greater things. We have therefore set up a system that helps domestic employees perform effectively in global business.
To encourage self-growth among employees, the Suntory Group has introduced the SUNTORY Self-Development Program (SDP). The SDP has 520 programs and includes extensive support for language-skill acquisition. Any Group company employee in Japan can enroll in the common programs.

Improving a Global Human Resources Training Program

In 2010 we introduced a program whose purpose is to develop truly global personnel. Thirty-two of the 114 applicants successfully made their way through the screening process in 2012 and are going through various training programs.
One of these programs, Global Leadership Training, is being offered both in Japan and in areas overseas where the Group does business, and includes participants not only from employees at companies in Japan but from Group companies around the world.
(Implemented in Japan, China, and Thailand in 2012.)

Training Programs
Hiring and Exchanges of Global Human Resources

We promote exchanges among employees and utilization of human resources, such as providing a place for global interactions by holding the Global Human Resources Meeting for human resource managers from Group companies overseas.
With regard to recruitment activities, we have enhanced our global activities by creating an English-language website for recruitment, holding seminars for international students, and conducting hiring activities overseas.
In 2012, we began the Ambassador Program for the purpose of global human resource exchanges and instilling the Suntory Group's DNA. A total of eight people from Group companies in countries including China, Indonesia, and Singapore came to Japan to deepen their understanding of the Suntory Group, which they then share at their own companies.

Supporting Career Development

We place emphasis on the chain of human resource development in career development. In this chain, people grow in a process in which each person helps in the development of another, and we focus on training on the actual frontlines. In addition, for the stages of human resource growth and training from hiring to retirement, we have clarified the type of employees sought, abilities that are hoped to be unleashed, and the value of an employee, have created a core training program for each stage, and provide in-service training in all divisions including sales and manufacturing.

Career Development Support for All Employees

We have in place a Career Support Section that helps individual employees develop autonomous careers, by providing individual consultations and workshops with expert advisers. Workshops are conducted for all employees at 4 years and 10 years after joining the company, and for employees in their 40s on an application basis. Various career development support options are offered for employees in their 50s under the mandatory retirement age of 65. The Section helps employees to reexamine their careers and make the rest of their lives something even more positive.

Assign the Appropriate Person for the Right Job

Based on our Self-Reporting Program that allows employees to request transfers (once a year), we have built an internal open recruiting system that recruits specific personnel from within the company. We also created the Career Challenge Program through which employees gain inservice experience in year-long training programs. Through these programs, we support more autonomous career trajectories for our employees. Also, to broaden the possibilities of our younger employees, we have introduced a rotation program under which they gain experience working at three different divisions during the first 10 years after being hired. One-on-one interviews are also conducted between the Human Resources Department and employees during their 4th year with the company and again in their 9th year.

Career development structure
TOPICS: Group Joint Manager Training Convened

In October 2012, we held the Group Joint Manager Training with the participation of 43 managers from 22 Group companies. Vigorous discussions took place based on the shared objective of understanding managerial work standards. We intend to demonstrate synergy by capitalizing on the Suntory Group's strengths in its group of diverse business fields, and continue contributing to facilitating human resource development at Group companies.

Employee Awareness and Corporate Culture Surveys

To find out about each employee's current work conditions and confirm their awareness towards work, Suntory implements a Self Reporting and Assessment survey for all employees. We also monitor the consciousness of members at work through our employee awareness survey and use the results for management initiatives.

Awareness towards work in fiscal 2012
(from the Self Reporting and Assessment Survey)

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