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Promoting Diversity

We are focused on creating workplaces that not only promote diversity in the nature of our workforce, but also are accepting of differences and make the most of them so that our diverse workforce can demonstrate their “Yatte MinahareóGo for it!” spirit to the fullest.

Acceleration of Diversity Promotion

To continue ceaselessly in the creation of new value, in 2011 we created the Diversity Promotion Section based on our belief in the importance of actively accepting and utilizing a diverse range of human resources and personnel values irrespective of nationality, age, or other attributes. The Section promotes creation of organizations that aim to diversify the attributes of their employees and capitalize on their individuality and character traits. Four prioritized activities areas were set forth in 2012 toward achieving diversity in management, namely expanding participation by women, encouraging the employment of people with disabilities, enhancing participation by older employees including introduction of the mandatory retirement age of 65, and working to boost the hiring of foreigners and personnel exchanges with Group companies overseas.

Development of Various Projects with Employee Involvement

We have created various projects with employee involvement, such as childcare, the status of women in the sales division, short-term employees, and so forth, identified issues in the projects, and are getting them acted upon through reports to management. We are also holding a series of Diversity Seminars as an opportunity for all employees to consider their work style through familiar topics and perspectives and encourage selfreform of their mindset.

The Advancement of Female Employees

The Suntory Group actively promotes ambitious and skilled employees, with no distinctions made with respect to gender. As a result of this policy, as the end of 2012, 8.6% of our managerial positions are filled by female employees. In order to create a company where women can work comfortably and produce results, we constantly innovate ways to work and change our employees' attitudes.

Female employment data

Employing Persons with Disabilities

The Suntory Group is working to expand the possibilities for persons with disabilities by hiring without setting limits on the scope of an employee's responsibilities. Also, we are promoting the employment of persons with disabilities in Group companies as a whole, and held a joint employment guidance session in 2012. Ahead of the legal revision in April 2013, we have 80 employees with disabilities (32 of whom have severe disabilities) and an employment rate of 2.07% as of January 1, 2013.

Number of employees with disabilities and employment rate (as of June 1, 2012)

Introduction of Mandatory Retirement Age of 65

To promote the participation of older employees, the Suntory Group has introduced the Elder Partner Program for rehiring of mandatory retirees, offering positions for everyone who wants one and who meet certain conditions regarding their state of health and commute to work. Approximately 82% of mandatory retirees applied for the program in 2012, of which approximately 98%, or 57 people, were rehired. From 2013, we have introduced a mandatory retirement age of 65 to meet the employment needs of employees age 60 and older and promote increased participation by older employees with extensive experience and skills.

TOPICS: Selected for Diversity Management Selection 100

In March 2013, we were selected for the Diversity Management Selection 100, a project by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) to recognize companies that “have achieved certain results, such as the creation of innovation and improvement of productivity by utilizing various human resources.” As a company worthy of this selection, we will continue to actively accept diverse human resources and personnel values as well as create organizations that capitalize on their individuality and character traits.

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