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Promoting the Work-Life Balance

We strive to create employee-friendly workplaces mindful of the balance between work and personal lives where a diverse workforce can fully demonstrate their capabilities.

Ensuring Reasonable Working Hours

As part of our efforts to create a corporate culture in which employees can work in the best of physical and mental health, labor and management are working together to reduce long working hours. We have abolished unpaid overtime, have been strictly enforcing the rule of turning off all lights throughout the company in order to encourage the employees to go home early, and have revised our business procedures. We also ensure that everyone is familiar with the Working Hours Handbook which summarizes measures and information about reasonable working hours. In 2009, we introduced a Planned Annual Vacation Program to allow employees to take more annual paid vacation. (The proportion of planned annual vacation taken in 2012 was 53.9%.)

Total actual annual working hours

Work Style Innovations

The Suntory Group is taking steps to innovate work styles with the objectives of generating high productivity, high-quality output, and new value creation as well as allowing diverse employees to work with enthusiasm.
We have been expanding the use of flexi-time and telecommuting* since 2010 with the aim of removing restrictions on the place and time of work and realizing more flexible work styles. New work styles utilizing IT, such as use of smartphones in sales activities, are making steady inroads.
From December 2012, we took these efforts one step further and began a new initiative to bring more creative innovation and Suntory Group character to work styles. Specifically, we established Premium Time to allow employees to think through on-site impressions and qualities and introduced e-mail sending rules to prevent employees from being flooded with information. We will continue to create environments that enable creation of new value and employees to work with enthusiasm.

  • * Telecommuting: Working at home or otherwise outside the office

Promoting the Work-Life Balance

The Suntory Group has been working toward expanding our programs that help employees to maintain the balance between work and personal life while being responsive to individual circumstances, through the creation of programs providing benefits that exceed what is legally required.

Supporting Working with Child and Nursing Care

We have instituted programs for childcare leave and shortened and staggered working hours. In 2012, 55 employees took childcare leave (100% of those eligible took it with a return-to-work rate of 98%, and a total of 114 employees are currently on childcare leave), while 114 employees are taking advantage of the Shortened and Staggered Working Hour Program.
As for programs for nursing care, the requirements for leave of absence were clarified in 2011, and the requirements for shortened and staggered working hours and the use of flexi-time have been relaxed to promote expanded use of the programs.

Overview of policies to support child and nursing care

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