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Creating Employee-Friendly Workplaces

We strive to create relaxed, employee-friendly workplaces in the belief that there is a connection between the vitality of the company and employees being happy and healthy at work.

Commitment to Workplace Safety

Safety is one of our criteria for evaluating worksite performance at our plants. Our Health and Safety Committee plays a central role in our efforts, which are matched to the characteristics of the business processes and the circumstances of each worksite. In 2012, we had 10 work-related accidents, with a frequency rate*1 of 0.20 and a severity rate*2 of 0.009. We continue working to increase employee awareness and to improve the safety regime we have in place for when employees are making their commutes and when they are in the workplace.

  • *1 Frequency rate: (number of deaths and injuries) ÷ (total number of work hours) × 1,000,000
  • *2 Severity rate: (number of days employees cannot work) ÷ (total number of work hours) × 1,000

A Variety of Programs to Promote Employee Health

Considering the physical and mental health of employees, we conduct comprehensive health examinations and have established a follow-up program so that our employees can thrive in their work.

Providing Comprehensive Health Examinations

We provide health examinations that include detailed medical tests in excess of legal requirements. Employees aged 40 and older are required to take a day-long, full physical examination in addition to the regular annual check-up. We also offer telephone and face-to-face counseling on health issues. We are further working toward improving our employees' lifestyle and preventing lifestyle diseases, and are helping our employees maintain and improve their health.

Introducing Programs to Prevent Lifestyle Diseases

Team participating in the Walking Program

Lifestyle diseases are on the rise due to changes in diet and exercise habits. The Suntory Group has introduced a Lifestyle Program (Walking Program) with the goal of preventing and ameliorating lifestyle diseases. The program provides employees with opportunities to reexamine their daily lives and improve them on their own. We have also been working together with health insurance associations to provide specialized examinations and health guidance for employees aged over 40 as required by law since 2008.

Initiatives for Mental Health

We have created two mental health management initiatives for the prevention and early detection of mental health problems: our self-care initiatives which aim to make employees aware of stress and take appropriate measures to counter it, and our line-care initiatives in which managers strive to improve the working environment and provide individual counseling. We also encourage employees to make use of consultations with in-house specialist physicians and outside counselors as needed, as well as to engage in mental-health self checks. We have further developed programs to help employees who have taken time off for mental health issues to return to work, through such means as improved support by specialist physicians.

Creating Employee-Friendly Workplaces

Business conditions conference

We have various councils that meet regularly to enable labor and management to study and discuss key management challenges facing the Suntory Group. These include the President's Council, the Finance Reporting Council, and division and topic-specific councils. These councils hear statements from the labor union about shopfloor conditions and both parties debate the management policies. We operate and revise our programs involving human resources and labor based on thorough consultations rooted in mutual awareness of the issues.

Promoting Labor-Management Cooperation

The councils meet regularly to take up topics of shared importance to labor and management. Councils met some 40 times during 2012.

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