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Respect for Human Rights

As globalization of business practices has advanced, society is increasingly interested in the initiatives companies take on human rights. The Suntory Group considers respecting human rights of stakeholders highly important when taking CSR initiatives. To promote activities considering human rights, we further strengthen existing initiatives by approaching employees and supply chains, while getting the current situation straight by making a human rights risk map.

Initiatives on Human Rights Issues

To make further efforts on human rights issues, the Suntory Group started creating a human rights risk map and monitoring of suppliers in 2013, in addition to the existing framework such as the Code of Business Ethics.

Formulation of Human Rights Policy

The Suntory Group set down the activity policy on human rights and complies with the policy.

The Suntory Group's Code of Business Ethics (Excerpts)
(Issued in 2003, revised April 2012)

II. Suntory Group Standards for Business Conduct

6. We respect human rights and endeavor to create a corporate group where employees are engaged and satisfied.

  • i. We strictly prohibit the use of child labor or other illegal labor practices in any of our corporate activities.
  • ii. We are committed to providing a workplace environment that respects human rights and the values of every individual, is free of discrimination and harassment, and ensures fair treatment of all. In the event that a human rights violation is discovered, we will immediately respond using proper means, including taking action to prevent future occurrences, while also safeguarding the privacy of the parties concerned.
  • iii. We strive to create safe and employee-friendly workplaces.
  • iv. We will foster an open-minded workplace that respects one another's beliefs, values, and diversity and where each and every employee can candidly express and share their views.
  • v. We will aspire to remain a dynamic corporate group where employees are accountable and proud of their work, tackle challenging targets proactively by leveraging their unique skill sets, and can achieve a positive work-life balance.

The Suntory Group's Basic Policy on Supply Chain CSR (Excerpts)
(Established 2011)

In order to provide high-quality products and services safely and reliably based on our corporate philosophy of “In Harmony with People and Nature” and our Code of Business Ethics, the Suntory Group engages in fair business practices and, in collaboration with supply chain business partners, promotes procurement activities that take social responsibility into consideration, mindful of such points as human rights, labor standards, and the environment.
We build good partnerships with our business partners and contribute toward realizing a truly affluent and sustainable society.

2. Consideration for Human Rights, Labor, and Safety and Health

We will promote supply chain CSR initiatives that respect basic human rights and are mindful of labor conditions and safety and health.

Creation and Evaluation of a Human Rights Risk Map

Led by the CSR Department, the Human Resources Division, and the Compliance Department, the Suntory Group created a human rights risk map in October 2013.
We sent the created map to the Danish Institute for Human Rights (DIHR) and received some advice on points that we as a global multi-faceted food and beverage company should pay attention to.

Supply Chain CSR with Suppliers

Checking with Questionnaires

The Suntory Group is conducting supply chain CSR initiatives questionnaires targeting major business partners of the Purchasing Department (Raw Material) and the Packaging Material Development Department from 2012. In the questionnaires we mainly check whether they respect basic human rights and are mindful of labor conditions and health and safety.

Starting Monitoring on Child Labor and Forced Labor

The Suntory Group has begun hearings visiting suppliers overseas from 2014, regarding human rights such as child labor and forced labor. In 2014, we have conducted hearings with producers of malt and hops in Europe.

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