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Prioritized Initiatives 1 We provide products and services that contribute to the safety, reliability, and healthy lifestyles of our customers first and foremost.

The products and services that the Suntory Group provides are used every day by our customers.
Amid accelerating globalization and expansion of our business domains, our responsibility to provide the highest quality products and services that contribute safely and reliably to health is taking on more weight than ever.
Under the Suntory Group Quality Policy, “All for the Quality,” we have established the Suntory Group Quality Assurance Code. Through this code, we have engaged in the maintenance and improvement of quality in all processes, from development and planning of products and services, to procurement of water, crops, packaging materials, and other raw materials, and on to manufacturing, distribution, and sales and servicing.
In addition, paying heed to quality assurance from the customer's perspective, we are actively engaging in VOC activities*1 with "Improving food and beverage quality*2 at the point of consumption" as our motto.
The Suntory Group will continue to deliver new enthusiasm and delight to our customers by providing high-quality products and services, based on our dialogs with customers around the world.

*1 VOC (Voice of Customer) activities: activities that incorporate customer feedback into management policies
*2 The level of quality: The flavor, aroma, easy to use containers, and other goals set at the product development stage – that customers experience when enjoying the product.

CSR Action Plan

Prioritized items Mid-Term Targets Results in FY 2014 FY 2015 Action Plan
Quality assurance based on the customer's perspective Gain a higher level of trust from customers
  • Continuous identification of quality issues through analysis of customers' opinions
  • Construction of a quality assurance system adapted to new fields such as cosmetics
  • Strengthening of Food Defense activities
  • Holding of teaching about quality at elementary schools
  • Promotion of sustainable procurement of high-quality grapes
  • Participation in Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI)
  • Supporting quality assurance and Quality Communication (QSS activities) of food companies
  • Continuous identification of quality issues, and resolution of issues
  • Promotion of activities for the strengthening of the quality assurance system in new fields and premium gifts
  • SCM Food Defense activities
  • Enhancing the system of teaching about “safety and quality of food” at schools
  • Supporting the formulation of food safety certification standards of overseas Group companies
  • Proactively developing QSS activities
Enhance group-wide quality assurance system and create synergy
  • Raising awareness of Group companies regarding quality policy by the Chief Operating Officer, Quality Strategy Planning Division and audit of quality management
  • Strengthening of water safety evaluation in Group companies overseas
  • Strengthening of the Suntory Group Quality Management Code based on initiatives by Group companies overseas
  • Promoting the acquisition of FSSC22000
  • Initiatives for Safety Science Institute to acquire ISO/IEC17025
  • Enhancing ingredient management by Group restaurant companies and establishment of Group-wide guideline for food labeling for restaurant
  • Supporting raising awareness of Group companies regarding quality policy and improving audit of quality management
  • Sharing and disseminating quality assurance know-how to overseas Group companies
  • Advancing the compliance with new food labeling laws and new food labeling standards
  • Acquisition of ISO/IEC17025 by The Safety Science Institute
  • Strengthening quality assurance in Group restaurant companies
Communication with customers Deepen relationships with customers by listening to customers' opinions more broadly and deeply than before
  • Holding credo workshops at the Customer Center (twice a year)
  • Training to improve basic skills
  • Promoting activities to contribute and improve to marketing for the entire Group
  • Continuous activity to improve quality of response of the Customer Center
  • Hold training and workshop for staff of the Customer Center
  • Implementing PDCA based on results of evaluation of quality of response by external review
  • Build structure the respond of customer needs such as through enhancing the homepage to enable customers to find solutions on their own
Reflection of customer feedback in corporate activities Enhance the system of utilizing customers' opinions in products and services and spread them within the Group
  • Resolution of issues through the leveraging of customers' opinions from the research and development stage
  • Strengthening assessment and gaining “fans”
  • Advancing social VOC analysis and proposal
  • Expanding assessment activities of departments involved in business activities.
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