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Enhancing CSR Activities using ISO26000

In order to more fully realize social responsibility in a way unique to the Suntory Group with philosophy of CSR as a foundation, we are promoting CSR activities based on ISO26000 since 2011. We grasped the current situation and shared identified issues, and engaged our stakeholders based on each of the seven priority initiatives.
The expectations and the level of interest of stakeholders is high in regards to global social issues and business challenges based on these results. In addition, we are promoting company-wide activities based on the action plans that are formulated for high-priority items stipulated by the Suntory Group in 2013 as CSR priority initiatives in particular that should be addressed.

Process of CSR Activity Promotion

Understanding the Current State of CSR Activities

General CSR Committee

We gathered around 40 representatives from main departments* related to CSR with the CSR Department of Suntory Holdings ltd. at the core to confirm and share the process of stakeholder engagement for the future while more deeply understanding ISO26000.

  • *
    CSR Department, Quality Strategy Planning Division, General Affairs Department, Legal Department, Compliance Department, Human Resource Department, Environmental Sustainability Strategy Department of Suntory Holdings Ltd. as well as the Supply Chain Management Division and the Customer Relations Division of Suntory Business Expert Ltd.

General CSR Committee

Introducing inventory of CSR activities that use ISO26000 self-check sheets

We extracted challenges of the Suntory Group by assessing the status of response using self-check sheets of relevant departments for the roughly 250 items in the expectations and actions set for each core subject of the ISO26000.

ISO26000 self-check sheet

Sharing Experience of Challenges at the Suntory Group

Debating Priority Challenges with Relevant Departments for Each Core Subject

We gathered together the departments related to each of the seven core subjects* and debated the priority challenges that should be preferentially addressed by the Suntory Group.

  • *
    Two themes were debated at the same time due to the mutually high relevance of human rights and labor practices.

Human rights and labor practice themed debate

Confirming Key Figures and Priority Issues

External Key Figures and 1st Opinion Exchange for Each Core Subject

We have introduced and confirmed external key figures and an exchange of opinions from March to April 2012 for the priority initiatives of each core subject debated internally.
We are facilitating an even higher level of interaction by holding an ongoing exchange of opinions.

Identification of Priority Initiatives

We identified six CSR priority initiatives to address preferentially based on the expectations and interests of stakeholders and the importance to the Suntory Group.

Six Prioritized CSR Initiatives

(1) We provide products and services that contribute to the safety, reliability, and healthy lifestyles of our customers first and foremost.

Amid accelerating globalization and expansion of business domains at the Suntory Group, our responsibility to provide the highest quality of healthy, safe and reliable products and services is taking on more weight than ever.
Under the Suntory Group Quality Policy, “All for the Quality,” we have established the Suntory Group Quality Assurance Code. Through this code, we have engaged in the maintenance and improvement of quality in all processes, from development and planning of products and services, to procurement of water, crops, packaging materials, and other rawmaterials, and on to manufacturing, distribution,and sales and servicing.
In addition, paying heed to quality assurance from the customer’s perspective, we are actively engaging in Voice of Customer (VOC) activities that incorporate customer feedback into management policies, with “Improving food and beverage quality at the point of consumption” as our motto.
The Suntory Group will continue to deliver new enthusiasm and delight to our customers by providing high-quality products and services, based on our dialogs with customers around the world.

(2) We coexist with Nature by committing to “Water Sustainability” and reducing environmental impact.

Suntory Group business is supported by precious global resources such as water and agricultural products. Suntory Group business is supported by precious global resources such as water and agricultural products. It is our responsibility to engage in sustainable business practices through the promotion of environmental management in accordance with the Group philosophy — To Create Harmony with People and Nature — so that we may pass down a rich global environment to future generations. With a priority on engaging in water sustainability through business activities, Suntory has promoted the conservation of forests, where water resources are cultivated, and the return of water to the natural environment after thorough purification.
Suntory has also continued a wide range of activities to reduce environmental impact. Such activities include energy and water saving at production facilities, lightening package weight, and implementation of vending machines with lower power consumption.
In order to provide a clear direction for the Group’s environmental management, Suntory established Suntory Environmental Vision toward 2050 and set Target toward 2020 in 2014. Suntory Group continues promoting environmental management based on two axes: preserving and regenerating the natural environment and reducing environmental impact.

(3) Based on the spirit of “Giving back to society,” we contribute to the enrichment of culture and lifestyles, as well as strengthening support for next generation.

We are passing down the “Sharing the Profit” spirit of Suntory Founder Shinjiro Torii generation to generation because the Suntory Group believes business profits should not only be used for reinvestment into the business and providing services to clients and business partners but also for making a contribution to society.
We have been engaging in a wide range of cultural and social contribution activities while considering the social issues of the times since the founding of Suntory from community contribution such as social welfare, education and disaster relief to promotion of arts, academia and local culture as well as support for sports and the development of the next generation.
Close cooperation with stakeholders throughout the world, customers, business partners, and employees alike, has become increasingly important for sustained growth in the global expansion of business. The Suntory Group will further activities suitable to the situation in each country and region and contribute to the prosperous growth of lifestyle cultures and the next generation by deepening cooperation with Group companies worldwide and emphasizing arts, culture and sports, development of the next generation as well as social welfare.

(4) We celebrate diversity while promoting the career development of our employees who are all united by the “Yatte Minahare” spirit.

Based on the “Yatte Minahare” challenge spirit, the Suntory Group has accelerated expansion both domestically in Japan and globally from alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages to business areas including health foods, food services and flowers. The pursuit of diversity forms the basis for the Suntory Group human resources management philosophy. By promoting diversity in our employee base as well as the acceptance of diverse values and ideas, we can bring forth even greater value.
In an effort to maximize the potential of each and every employee in a work environment that overflows with creativity, the Suntory Group is currently putting high priority on developing talented employees who face the challenges of value creation head-on.
Regular communication between supervisors and employees helps to clarify individual roles, facilitates the setting of targets for achievement and supports the development of each employee.
We have also established methods to encourage employees to work hard to achieve ever higher goals without the fear of failure.

(5) We promote CSR throughout our entire supply chain, working with our business partners.

To stably deliver high-quality products and services to customers, it is essential to have good cooperative relationships with business partners. In addition, social requirements regarding compliance, human rights, and the environment have increased throughout the world. For these reasons, CSR activities are necessary for Group companies as well as supply chains.
Suntory Group also views equitable and fair transactions with business partners extremely important in the realization of sustainable society through business activities, and strives to ensure social responsibility throughout supply chains. In order to fulfill such responsibility, we established the Suntory Group’s Basic Policy on Supply Chain CSR, which includes six core items; legal compliance, human rights and labor standards, quality, environment, information security, and coexisting with society.

(6) We commit to responsible marketing and reducing harmful drinking as a leading alcoholic beverage company.

Alcohol production throughout the world is rooted in the climate and culture of each region. Alcohol has been a source of pleasure in daily life, and has played a significant role in celebrations over the centuries.
However, alcohol is also associated with misuse and abuse, including underage drinking, driving while intoxicated, and alcoholism. As a multi-faceted food and beverage producer and supplier, Suntory Group embraces its responsibility to address these issues.
Suntory Group has established Basic Principles regarding responsible drinking, and works to increase awareness about responsible drinking among the public. We conduct in-house checks on sales and advertising activities, and participate in, cooperate with, and support research institutions. We also participate in a wide range of activities regarding responsible drinking inside and outside Japan in cooperation with industries and the World Health Organization.

Formulation and Execution of CSR Action Plans

We formulated midterm goals and action plans based on each theme of the six prioritized CSR initiatives, and we are promoting activities throughout the entire Group.

Sustainability Action Plan

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