Suntory Foundation for Arts’ Summer Festival 2013: The 23rd Competition of Akutagawa Award for Music Composition

VenueMain Hall
ProgrammeMasahiro Yamauchi: Sora no Kioku for Orchestra, World premiere 
Kei Daigo: Gradation of Sounding Amity No. 4 
Kenji Sakai: Concerto pour violon et orchestre 
Yasutaki Inamori: Reversi - Eine Strategie für Orchester
PerformersJury: Hiroyuki Itoh 
Jury: Motoharu Kawashima 
Jury: Tomiko Kohjiba 
MC: Morihide Katayama 
Conductor: Takeshi Ooi 
Violin: Tatsuki Narita 
Orchestra: New Japan Philharmonic


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