Suntory Hall Summer Festival 2019 - Suntory Foundation for the ARTS 50th Anniversary -: Theme Composer <Michael Jarrell> Suntory Hall International Program for Music Composition No. 42 (Artistic Director: Toshio Hosokawa)

 Chamber Music
VenueBlue Rose(Small Hall)
ProgrammeMichael Jarrell: Étude pour piano 
Michael Jarrell: "Aus Bebung" pour clarinette en Si♭ et violoncelle
Michael Jarrell: " verästelten Gedanken...(Nachlese VIIb)" pour quatuor à cordes
Michael Jarrell: "Lied ohne Worte" pour violon, violoncelle et piano
Michael Jarrell: "Eco" pour voix et piano
Michael Jarrell: "Verästelungen (Assonance Ic)" pour ensemble [Japanese Premiere]
PerformersPiano: Hideki Nagano
Clarinet: Nozomi Ueda
Cello: Tomoki Tai
Violin: Yasutaka Hemmi
Violin: Yoshu Kamei
Viola: Takahiro Yasuda
Soprano: Maki Ota
Conductor: Yoshinao Kihara
Flute: Yoshie Ueno
Bass Clarinet: Takashi Yamane
Percussion: Yoshiko Kanda
Double Bass: Yu Jidaisho


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