• Enjoy! Encountering Music – For the Children who Carry our Future
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Enjoy! Encountering Music – For the Children who Carry our Future

Subscription Concert for Children

Organ Adventure

This is the first subscription orchestra concert for children to be launched in Japan. Enjoy the performances which have themes that change each season and are directed under the baton of a different conductor each time.

Kazuyoshi Akiyama, Sachio Fujioka, Shigeo Genda, Norichika Iimori

This project is geared toward the 4th graders who attend elementary schools in Minato City, Tokyo. The program includes activities at the schools. (This program is not open to the public)

This concert is held by Suntory Hall and Wiener Philharmoniker as part of a music program for young people. This is a special program geared toward junior high and high school students. The program is open to application by schools.(This program is not open to the public)

This program is to commemorate the aspirations of the late Keizo Saji, the founding president of Suntory Hall, who strongly believed that the love of classical music should be fostered in younger generations. Suntory Hall selects the most appropriate concert programs for elementary and junior high school students from matinee concerts held at the Main Hall on weekends and national holidays for three pairs of children and parents/caretakers invited to each concert.

This is an occasion which features close observation of the organ in Suntory Hall. Elementary school children, mainly, are given the opportunity to embark on an "adventure" through which they can learn through a hands-on experience about the organ and its music. We also present a program appropriated for adults as well.

This program for preschool children (3-6 years old) is presented by Suntory Hall and Suntory Museum of Art. It aims to develop the creativity and sensibility of children through music and art.

Suntory Holdings Limited supports the activities of Suntory Foundation for Arts.