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  • Enjoy! Suntory Hall – For Everyone

Enjoy! Suntory Hall – For Everyone



Once a month except for August.

We present a free admission, 30-minute organ concert during the lunch hour (12:15-12:45). Crafted by Rieger Orgelbau, an Austrian organ firm, the organ at Suntory Hall boasts a stunning 5,898 pipes and world class sound quality.

The guided tour features areas limited to staff, the artwork on display, the message plate of the late Maestro Karajan, and special features of the hall.

Since 2013,we have invited wheelchair users, who rarely get a chance to see live performances at concert halls, to come to Suntory Hall to fully enjoy music. The unique flat floor design of the Blue Rose (Small Hall) brings the audience into close proximity with the performers, allowing them to intimately feel the chamber music with the entire body, and also provides comfort and accessibility to our patrons who use wheelchairs.

In concurrence with Ark Hills′ "Sakura Festival," Suntory Hall is open to the public once a year for free all through the day. One can enjoy a myriad of events within the hall, including orchestra and organ performances among other musical events.

Not to be held in 2019.

In 2017, Suntory Hall was renovated for improved accessibiliy for all visitors.
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