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Suntory Hall Academy

We provide series of educational opportunities for young musicians who just started their professional careers. On these occasions, they have chances to learn from world's leading artists, to attend regular study classes and to present their achievements in our Blue Rose Hall.

Suntory Hall Opera Academy

The Opera Academy program, started in 1993, offers "place to learn" and "place to present" to young singers and pianists, who have graduated from their schools and aspire the way to the world class professionals.

In fall 2011 we invited Mr. Giuseppe Sabbatini as the executive faculty, who is the active conductor and voice trainer, and also has been known as the outstanding tenor. Now we have two courses in this academy: "Primavera Course" to acquire the basic technique, and "Advanced Course" to cultivate more profound musical expressions, primarily for those who completed the former course.

Participants present their achievements in "Opera Academy Concert" every year. Also, we have Opera performances that make the most of the intimate space of the Blue Rose Hall.

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Executive Faculty:
Giuseppe Sabbatini
Coaching Faculty:
Akie Amou (Sop), Hiroko Noda (Sop), Makoto Sakurada (Ten), Shigeru Imao (Ten), Hideya Masuhara (Bar), Miyuki Kotoda (Pf)

Suntory Hall Chamber Music Academy

The Chamber Music Academy program was founded in October 2010 to support just graduated young performers. Its mission includes to aid their growth and maturity, as well as to assist the academy's alumni to develop their worldwide career. It is the "place to learn" the pleasure and quintessence of the chamber music by playing with world-renowned artists who visit Suntory Hall, and also the "place to present" their performance in the Chamber Music Garden concerts and other opportunities.

Academy Director:
Tsuyoshi Tsutsumi (Vc)
Koichiro Harada (Vn), Kikuei Ikeda (Vn), Wakako Hanada (Vn), Kazuhide Isomura (Va), Hakuro Mori (Vc), Shigeo Neriki (Pf)

Past faculties:

Coaching Faculty:
2010-16 Akira Wakabayashi (Pf), Quartet Excelsior (SQ)
Guest Faculty
  • 2011 Leon Fleisher (Pf)
  • 2011 Menahem Pressler (Pf), Pacifica Quartet (SQ)
  • 2011 Nicholas Kitchen (Vn), Yeesun Kim (Vc) (Borromeo String Quartet)
  • 2011 Vladimir Ashkenazy (Pf)
  • 2011 Carmina Quartet (SQ)
  • 2012 Kyoko Takezawa (Vn)
  • 2012 Radek Baborák (Hr)
  • 2012 Mario Brunello (Vc)
  • 2013 Tokyo String Quartet (SQ)
  • 2013 Reiko Watanabe (Vn)
  • 2013 Claire Desért (Pf)
  • 2013 Carmina Quartet (SQ)
  • 2014 Radek Baborák (Hr)
  • 2014 The Miró Quartet (SQ)
  • 2014 Kikuei Ikeda (Vn), Kazuhide Isomura (Va)
  • 2014 Pacifica Quartet (SQ)
  • 2015 Kyoko Takezawa (Vn), Momo Kodama (Pf)
  • 2015 Kuss Quartet (SQ)
  • 2016 Cho-Liang Lin (Vn)
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