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Suntory Hall Summer Festival 2019
― SUNTORY FOUNDATION for the ARTS 50th Anniversary ―
(Artistic Director: Toshio Hosokawa)
THEME COMPOSER 〈Michael Jarrell〉
Chamber Music

Monday, August 26 2019 | 19:00 (Doors Open: 17:45)
Blue Rose (Small Hall)

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Pre-Concert Talk: 18:05-
 Talk: Michael Jarrell & Toshio Hosokawa

Michael Jarrell:
 Étude pour piano (2011)
   Pf: Hideki Nagano

 “Aus Bebung” pour clarinette en Si♭ et violoncelle (1995)
   Cl: Nozomi Ueda
   Vc: Tomoki Tai

 “...in verästelten Gedanken... (Nachlese Ⅶb)” pour quatuor à cordes (2015)
   Vn Ⅰ: Yasutaka Hemmi 
   Vn Ⅱ: Yoshu Kamei
   Va: Takahiro Yasuda
   Vc: Tomoki Tai

 “Lied ohne Worte” pour violon, violoncelle et piano (2012)
   Vn: Yasutaka Hemmi
   Vc: Tomoki Tai
   Pf: Hideki Nagano

 “Eco” pour voix et piano (1986)
   S: Maki Ota
   Pf: Hideki Nagano

 “Verästelungen (Assonance Ic)” pour ensemble (2016, Japanese Premiere)
   Cond: Yoshinao Kihara
   Fl: Yoshie Ueno
   Cl: Nozomi Ueda
   Bs-Cl: Takashi Yamane
   Perc: Yoshiko Kanda
   Pf: Hideki Nagano
   Vn: Yasutaka Hemmi
   Va: Takahiro Yasuda
   Vc: Tomoki Tai
   Db: Yu Jidaisho
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