No.11375   March 27, 2012

The launch of the new cross-category series from Suntory, bearing the icon of the world-famous rock band "The Rolling Stones""Stones Bar" series

Suntory Liquors Limited will launch "Stones Bar," a new cross-category series of beverages bearing the"Lips & Tongue" icon of the world famous rock band, The Rolling Stones. "Stones Bar Rolling Hop," "Stones Bar Rolling Gold," and "Stones Bar Citrus Highball" will go on sale throughout Japan on Tuesday, June 19.

Created with fun-loving adults and young adults in mind, "Stones Bar" is a series of alcoholic beverages that proudly boasts the "Lips & Tongue" icon of the world-popular rock band, The Rolling Stones.

During the first stage of the launch, the "Stones Bar" series will include a total of five different beverages from three categories: beer, cocktail and highball. Designed to be easily and readily enjoyed with friends in clubs, darts bars and karaoke establishments—which continue to be popular among the fashionable young-adult crowd in their 20s—the beverages will also be available in stylish bottles.

About the "Stones Bar" series

"Stones Bar" is a cross-category series of beverages, a first in the history of Suntory. Proudly displaying The Rolling Stones' "Lips & Tongue" icon, the stylish package design is set to convey the fun-loving, exciting attitude it encompasses.
In addition to a commemorative event implemented at the launch and campaigns conducted at bars and restaurants, the appeal of the "Stones Bar" Series will be promoted through television commercials, transit and online ads, and communication activities that utilize SNS.

Product Characteristics

"Stones Bar Rolling Hop"
"Stones Bar Rolling Hop," with 4% alcohol content, is a new genre of product within the beer beverage segment. Made from hops that have a unique citrus aroma, the result is a crisp, refreshing beverage without a strong bitter aftertaste. The slightly greater degree of carbonation in this beverage finishes off the consumer's taste experience with an exhilarating sensation. The package carries a stylish tone, centering on the "Lips & Tongue" icon in a monogram-like fashion.

"Stones Bar Rolling Gold"

Created with a subtle hint of gin, "Stones Bar Rolling Gold" is a bottled cocktail with an invigorating taste—a first for Suntory. The slightly greater degree of carbonation provides an exciting sensation that never grows dull. The package centers around the "Lips & Tongue" icon, together with a flaming motif, making the unique contents of this beverage instantly and easily identifiable.

"Stones Bar Citrus Highball"

"Stones Bar Citrus Highball," with an alcohol content of 4%, is a light, easy to drink highball. Featuring the addition of lemon and lime liqueurs to whiskey, along with a slightly greater degree of carbonation, the taste is nothing short of refreshing. The package design, which includes the "Lips & Tongue" icon over a silver background, as well as an illustration of rising bubbles, illustrates the stimulating, fresh taste delivered by the product.

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