No.11695   February 22, 2013

Donating an Additional 2.5 Billion Yen in Assistance for the Reconstruction of Disaster-stricken Areas

Suntory Holdings Limited has decided to donate an additional 2.5 billion yen to assist the reconstruction of areas devastated by the Great East Japan Earthquake. This will bring the total amount of reconstruction assistance contributed by Suntory to 8.8 billion yen.

Suntory resolved to donate 6.3 billion yen for reconstruction of the disaster-stricken areas by 2012, and to date has promoted reconstruction support activities in a variety of areas, including assistance to procure fishing boats to revive the fishing industry in Miyagi and Iwate prefectures, support initiatives for children through the establishment of the Fukushima Susumu Fund and the provision of scholarships to fisheries high schools, and support through culture, the arts, and sports by holding concerts and sports classes.

Nearly 2 years have passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake, and as Suntory has promoted these support programs and witnessed the state of the disaster-stricken areas, we have become motivated to provide even greater assistance. Thus, Suntory has decided to contribute another 1.5 billion yen to the fishing industry and 1 billion yen to the support of children, for an additional 2.5 billion yen in donations.

Activities to support recovery of the fishing industry (1.5 billion yen)
In addition to the past assistance provided to procure fishing boats, Suntory will donate 1 billion yen to Miyagi Prefecture and 500 million yen to Iwate Prefecture to be applied toward support of coastal fishing, which centers on the aquaculture industry.
Youth support initiatives (1 billion yen)
Suntory is promoting assistance for the children of Fukushima Prefecture (500 million yen) that includes expansion of the current endeavor, the NPO aid program "Fukushima Susumu Fund." Suntory is also providing a broad range of other assistance for children, who hold the key to the future.
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