No.11722   March 21, 2013

New R&D Center to Be Built in Keihanna Science City, a Kansai Hub of Research Institute The goal is to further strengthen the R&D Department. Construction to be completed in 2015.

Aiming to further strengthen the Research & Development Department, Suntory Holdings Limited has decided to build a new research and development center in Keihanna Science City (Kansai Science City), located in Seika, Kyoto Prefecture.

The Suntory Group, seeking the Group's sustained growth, is constantly working to "create new value" by promoting R&D activities. At present, in the area of research and technology development, we conduct basic research and technology development at three places, the Suntory Research Center, the Center's Annex, and the Suntory Technology Development Center, all located in Shimamoto-cho, Mishima-gun, Osaka.

Now, to promote the further "creation of new value" from a medium– and long–term perspective, and to strengthen our research network both inside and outside the company, we will move those research centers to Keihanna Science City – a Kansai district containing a concentration of cultural and scientific research institutes – and integrate them on a single site. This will enable a more vigorous exchange of opinions and information by researchers inside the company and stimulate communication with outside researchers. New ideas and many other benefits are expected to result.

In advance of the move to Keihanna Science City, we will also establish Suntory Global Innovation Center Limited ,in which the various parts of Basic Research Department will be integrated, and start business on 1 April 2013 in order to strengthen the Researdh & Development Department.

Details of Construction Project

Project name
Planned site
8-1-1 Seikadai, Seika-cho, Soraku-gun Kyoto Prefecture
Site area
Approximately 49,000 m2
April 2015 (tentative)
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