No.11742   April 4, 2013

Suntory Launches "Suntory Whisky Premium Kakubin"

Suntory Liquors Limited will start the nationwide launch of a new product from the Suntory Whisky "Kakubin" lineup, "Premium Kakubin" on May 21st in Japan.

Since its initial release in 1937, Kakubin has been recognizable for a flavor tailored to the delicate Japanese palate and its enduring tortoise-shell bottle. The long-selling brand of whisky is representative of Japan and loved by many. In recent years, the "Kaku highball" has become a popular drink, turning those unfamiliar with whisky into devotees and greatly contributing to the revitalization of the whisky market. Sales of Kakubin from January to March 2013 in Japan have also trended upward 105% over the previous year.

With an eye toward further expanding the number of whisky aficionados, the perennial brand of choice, "Kakubin" is newly releasing "Premium Kakubin," which was created under the concept of "luxury at your fingertips" to suggest a new way to enjoy whisky. "Premium Kakubin" is the perfect whisky for a little lift in spirits when you want a treat for yourself or to spend time with that special someone.

While maintaining the balanced flavor unique to "Kakubin," the whisky utilizes carefully selected malt from wine and sherry casks at Yamazaki Distillery and Hakushu Distillery. This "Kakubin" has a rich, layered aroma that unfolds in the palate for a sweet, profound flavor and a luxurious experience.
The package presents a quality design with a stylish, slim bottle and a label featuring the traditional Japanese color of dark steel blue, while retaining the iconic "Kakubin" appearance that serves as the brand’sidentity through the tortoise-shell bottle, elliptical label, and signature of the first master blender and founder, Shinjiro Torii.
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