No.11963   January 30, 2014

Formulation of Suntory Environmental Vision toward 2050 Concurrent Establishment of Target toward 2020

Under the corporate philosophy "In Harmony with People and Nature",the Suntory Group is pursuing various environmental activities as the responsibility of a corporation that is sustained by the great bounty of nature. Such activities include forest preservation through Natural Water Sanctuaries and reducing the weight of containers, among others. As the Suntory Group corporate activities become more global, the Group has set a target toward 2020 alongside its Suntory Environmental Vision toward 2050.

Environmental Vision toward 2050

In an aim to pass down a sustainable global environment to the next generation based on the pillars of preservation and regeneration of the natural environment and reduction of the environmental impact, and as the responsibility of a corporation that is sustained by the great bounty of nature, the Suntory Group will take on the following challenges toward 2050.
Challenge no. 1:Taking the initiative in preserving and regenerating the natural environment in major
           business countries.
Challenge no. 2: Halving the environmental impact generated by business activities (water consumption at
           company factories, CO2 emission throughout the entire value chain) by 2050*1.

Target toward 2020

The following targets toward 2020 are aimed at achieving the Environmental Vision toward 2050.

  • (1) Preserving and regenerating the natural environment
    ▼Global expansion of conservation activities to protect wild birds that are the symbol of biodiversity.
  •   - Nest building and rearing of chicks by eagles and hawks at all the Natural Water Sanctuaries in Japan.
  •   - Support conservation activities to protect wild birds overseas.

  • ▼Expand the area of Natural Water Sanctuaries to 12,000 ha.
  •   - Expand areas that cultivate water resources to double the volume of groundwater supplied to Suntory
       plants in Japan.

(2) Reducing environmental impact
▼Reduce water consumption at the Suntory Group*2 factories by 35%*1
▼Reduce CO2 emission in the entire Suntory Group*2 value chain by 24%*1

  • *1 Reduction per unit production based on the business areas in 2007
  • *2 The group of companies that covers more than 80% of the Suntory Group's sales for 2012 (including overseas companies)
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