No.12332   April 8, 2015

Suntory Holdings Limited

Yamazaki 18 Years Old Win “Best in show Other Whisky category”
and Double Gold Medal award
-Yamazaki 25 Years Old and Hakushu 18 Years Old Win Double Gold Medal awards-
at Int’l Spirits Competition: San Francisco World Spirits Competition

Yamazaki 18 years from the Japanese whisky portfolio of Beam Suntory Inc. won “Best in show Other Whisky category” and “Double Gold Medal award” in a category at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition (SWSC), an international spirits competition held in the United States. The honor of “Best Other Whisky award” recognizes a product which is elected as the very best whisky in its category. This marks the third win and first since 2012 for Yamazaki 18 years. In addition, Yamazaki 25 Years Old and Hakushu 18 Years Old won Double Gold Medal awards in the same category as well.
Winning these awards is highly significant, as it further cements Suntory’s reputation for the high quality of our malt whisky at the Yamazaki and Hakushu distilleries, and for our high technology in crafting a variety of malts.

From Beam Suntory’s spirits portfolio, a total of eight spirits including Knob Creek and Bowmore 18 Years Old also won Double Gold Medal awards. In addition, Beam Suntory Inc. won the honor of “Director’s Award of Excellence”. This honor recognizes a company for its excellent portfolio of spirits.

●About the “San Francisco World Spirits Competition”
Now in its fifteenth year, the San Francisco World Spirits Competition is the largest global spirits competition in the United States. Panels of judges include American hotels, restaurants, buyers for large purveyors and journalists who assess the entries and select the winners of Double Gold Medal, Gold Medal, Silver Medal and Bronze Medal awards in each category.

●Qualities of Yamazaki 18 Years Old
This single malt whisky is made by vatting carefully selected sherry cask malts aged 18 years or longer. With an impressionable fragrance of sweet dried fruit and a pleasant aroma, it is characterized by a mature flavor with complexity and depth. (700ml 25,000 yen*)

●Qualities of Yamazaki 25 Years Old
Only sherry cask malts that have been aged over a long time exceeding 25 years are selected and then carefully vatted. With a sweet sherry cask aroma, it is characterized by a complex and heavy flavor created from the harmony of sweetness and bitterness of a well-aged malt. (700ml 125,000 yen*)

●Qualities of Hakushu 18 Years Old
This Hakushu malt aged for 18 years is characterized by a gorgeous and deep aroma reminiscent of ripened fruits. With a brilliant harmony of complex richness, sweetness and woodiness, the delicately smoky scent characteristic of the Hakushu brand echoes pleasantly through you. (700ml 25,000 yen*)

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