No.12380   May 27, 2015

Completion of the Suntory World Research Center
New base that promotes intellectual exchange and strives to create new value

On May 27, Suntory Holdings Limited completed the Suntory World Research Center (Seika, Kyoto) as a new research and development hub that combines the basic research and technological development functions of the Suntory Group.

The Suntory World Research Center is a new research and development base that was built in the Kansai Science City that is an aggregation of global research institutions. It is a combination of Suntory Group bases that were previously distributed into three locations.
The Center combines the Health Care Science Center (Suntory Wellness Limited.), Safety Science Institute (Suntory Business Expert Limited), Suntory Global Innovation Center Limited, and Bioorganic Research Institute (Suntory Foundation for Life Sciences) that carry out world-leading research in such fields as health science, microbiology, botany, water science, and greening, leading research and development for the Suntory Group that is being expanded throughout Japan and the world.
The Center was built with a design based on themes of ‘water’, ‘greenery’, and ‘earth’, and has an expansive open environment, achieving the Suntory Group corporate philosophy of ‘In Harmony with People and Nature’. In addition, it is equipped with eco-friendly facilities that utilize natural energy. We strive to create new value by promote intellectual exchange through collaborative research that exceeds barriers between different companies and different departments and collaboration with outside and overseas organizations.

●Features of the Suntory World Research Center

(1) Internal design that promotes intellectual exchange among researchers
    A shared laboratory has been established in the Center to pursue research that breaks down the boundaries surrounding companies and departments and enables communication among researchers in different fields. Moreover, a system is employed where none of the researchers or employees have fixed desks and can change desks freely, promoting interaction within the Center. We are also pursuing an innovative work style using the latest ICT*1 to enable meetings and information exchange in any place and at any time.
(2) Open layout that promotes intellectual exchange with outside parties
    There are no walls or fences between the front road and the Center premises, creating an open environment, and there is an atrium from the first floor entrance to the fourth floor. The first floor has an exhibition space that displays past research results and profiles and research projects of researchers in a straightforward manner to promote exchange with outside organizations. In addition, there is a collaboration space on the second floor, offering security for the work area and enabling close interaction with outside clients.
(3) Latest facilities that are eco-friendly
    The Center has many systems in place to reduce the burden on the natural environment. It actively utilizes natural energy, for example with top lights*2 that bring in large amounts of natural daylight, LED lights are used throughout the Center that is equipped with imaging sensors that automatically control the illumination and draft, and temperature differential-based water delivery. It also uses hybrid heat source equipment that supplies some of the Center’s power from natural gas and electric power. The Center has been given rank S, the highest rank in the CASBEE*3 system for comprehensive assessment of the environmental performance of buildings. In addition, silviculture materials*4 taken from the Suntory Natural Water Sanctuaries are efficiently used as wood for furniture and building materials.
  • *1 ICT: Information & Communication Technology
  • *2 Top light: Window in the ceiling to let in light or a draft
  • *3 CASBEE: A tool for comprehensive assessment of the environmental performance of buildings developed by the Institute for Building Environment and Energy Conservation with the support of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
  • *4 Silviculture materials named by Suntory Group: Timbers created from activities to develop sustainable water and forests.


Building Outline

▼ Name: Suntory World Research Center
▼ Location: 8-1-1 Seikadai, Seika, Soraku District, Kyoto
▼ Site Area: Approx. 49,000 m²
▼ Building Area: Approx. 7,900 m²
▼ Floor Area: Approx. 23,000 m²
▼ Start of Construction: May 2014

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