No.12388   June 9, 2015

Jim Beam Brand Releases Citrus Highball <Grapefruit>
-World's Top-Selling Bourbon Unveils its First-Ever Ready-to-Drink Offering in Japan, Expanding On-Premise Presence and Offering Convenient Cocktail Option for Fans-
-First Innovation Collaboration Between Beam Suntory's Japan and United States Teams.-

On Tuesday, July 28, Suntory Spirits Limited will release the Jim Beam Citrus Highball Grapefruit, a 350ml ready-to-drink highball cocktail.

Since last year, Suntory Spirits has been actively promoting the “citrus highball” drinking style, which entails squeezing juice from fresh citrus fruits into a Jim Beam highball. Recently, Jim Beam Citrus Highballs have risen in popularity at bars and restaurants.

With our latest innovation release, we hope to allow fans to enjoy the Jim Beam Citrus Highball while at home. We also look forward to introducing new consumers to this contemporary take on a classic, refreshing cocktail.

●Product Characteristics

The delicious flavor of the Jim Beam Citrus Highball comes from the strong-bodied aroma and mild flavor of the high quality Jim Beam Brand. This refreshing product seeks to add the distinctive delicious fragrance of grapefruit to Jim Beam. The spirit used to this product is Suntory’s first attempt at combining three different types of grapefruits spirits and recreates the flavor of “squeezing fresh grapefruit”.

●Package Characteristics

The iconic logo of the Jim Beam brand that has been known around the world for decades is set against its classic white background with a shiny design that accentuates the “refreshing” highball flavor and premium cool cues of Jim Beam. A juicy grapefruit image is also depicted in the center to convey the refreshing taste.

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