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  • No.12603(2016/3/10)

Suntory Mizuiku - Education Program for Nature and Water Expansion of implementation area in Vietnam

A program to teach the importance of water to children in Vietnam
For 2016, the program is launched in the cities of Ho Chi Minh and Bac Ninh in addition to Hanoi

Suntory Holdings Limited expands the educational program, Suntory Mizuiku, in Vietnam to also include the cities of Ho Chi Minh and Bac Ninh from March 22 (Tue)*, 2016, to teach the importance of water to children.

*March 22 is the World Water Day established by the United Nations.

Under the corporate tagline of "Follow Your Nature", Suntory Group has been implementing various environmental protection activities including " Natural Water Sanctuaries" to protect and cultivate the forests that nurture groundwater. In Japan, beginning in 2004, the group has been providing Suntory Mizuiku - education program for nature and water, to give children an opportunity to become aware of the importance of water and the forests. A large number of participants has given positive feedback of the program each year, and the number of participants in Japan has surpassed 100,000 in July 2015.

Further, as Suntory Group's business activities expand globally, we wish to promote our environmental activities in the world as well. Since Suntory Mizuiku has been supported by many parents and teachers in Japan, we launched the program in Hanoi, Vietnam, from March 2015 as the first of its implementation overseas. During 2015, we provided this program in collaboration with group company Suntory PepsiCo Vietnam Beverage (SPVB) and others to approximately 1,600 students (grades three to five) and teachers at a total of six elementary schools in Hanoi. We implemented a hands-on education program unique to Vietnam, including classes to teach the importance of water, hygiene management and the protection of its resources, as well as an outdoor trip to the SPVB's plant, to learn such things as our stance on the conservation of water and water quality. Additionally, we supported the renovation and installment of water facilities, such as toilets and washrooms, at participating elementary schools in order to help improve the hygienic environment of the children. Students and teachers participating in this program have given positive feedback, saying that they were able to experience the importance of water, and it has also been highly regarded by local authorities.

Now, it has been decided for Suntory Mizuiku to be rolled out in the cities of Ho Chi Minh and Bac Ninh in addition to Hanoi, to promote understanding about the importance of water among more children of Vietnam. In 2016, this program will be provided to approximately 2,400 students (grades three to five) and teachers at a total of ten elementary schools.

▼Suntory Mizuiku in Japan

▼Suntory PepsiCo Vietnam Beverage CSR website

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