News Release

  • No.12616(2016/3/29)

Launching the Jim Beam Devil’s Cut, Jim Beam Double Oak and Jim Beam Apple

- Also introducing other renewed Jim Beam brand products -

Beam Suntory’s Japan business (Suntory Spirits Limited) is newly launching bourbon whiskies Jim Beam Devil’s Cut and Jim Beam Double Oak and the liqueur Jim Beam Apple of the Jim Beam brand, from July 5 in Japan.

As the popularity of Whiskey-Highball drinks continues to increase, the mild flavor of our bourbon whiskey Jim Beam and the television commercials featuring television personality Rola have been well received, contributing to the large 62% year-on-year growth in sales volume for 2015.

Now, in order to promote the Jim Beam brand’s wide range of unique character, bourbon whiskies Jim Beam Devil’s Cut and Jim Beam Double Oak as well as the liqueur Jim Beam Apple are being newly added to the lineup.
At the same time, the packaging of Jim Beam Black, Jim Beam Rye will be renewed and Jim Beam Honey will renew its taste and packaging, in order to reinforce the Jim Beam brand.


Jim Beam Devil’s Cut
This is blended by using its unique method of extracting unblended bourbon whiskey trapped inside the cask in which bourbon was aged. It is characterized by the deep aroma of oak with a taste of bitterness.

Jim Beam Double Oak
This uses unblended bourbon whiskey that was aged a second time in a new American white oak cask, following four years of aging in a different bourbon cask. It is distinguished by a flavor that is sweet and smooth like caramel.

Jim Beam Apple
This is Apple liqueur infused with Kentucky Straight Bourbon and taste smooth, mild and refreshing taste. 

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