News Release

  • No.12783(2016/11/8)

Suntory Kyushu Kumamoto Plant
Recommencement of Mashing for The Premium Malt’s

Recommencement of distribution of The Premium Malt’s draft keg planned to start in the middle of December

Suntory Beer Limited will be recommencing mashing for The Premium Malt’s at the Suntory Kyushu Kumamoto Plant (Plant Manager: Takeshi Hashimoto) on Tuesday, November 8th. The plant was affected by the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquakes.

The Kyushu Kumamoto Plant was completed in 2003 and has since provided products for customers in the Kyushu area, including in Kumamoto Prefecture. Operations at the plant were suspended due to facility damage resulting from the earthquakes in April. In an effort to once again bring customers products made in Kumamoto Prefecture just as we have in the past, everyone in the Suntory Group has come together as one in order to provide for the restoration of our production facilities, allowing us to recommence mashing The Premium Malt’s.
We plan to recommence distribution of draft keg products for The Premium Malt’s made at the Kyushu Kumamoto Plant in the middle of December. In terms of canned beer products, we plan to recommence distribution for The Premium Malt's in January of 2017 and sequentially recommence distribution for brands such as Kin-Mugi and All-Free thereafter.

Additionally, for a period of 3 days starting Monday, December 5, we will be conducting a campaign at around 400 bars and restaurants in Kumamoto Prefecture, where customers will have the price of one draft beer (The Premium Malt’s) subtracted from their bill. This campaign is a symbol of our gratitude towards the support given to us by the people of Kumamoto Prefecture.

As we move toward the complete recovery of the Kyushu Kumamoto Plant, our entire group will be working under the message of “Forever Together, You and Kumamoto” and will also be conducting activities in support of recovery from the earthquakes through the Suntory “Land of Water” Kumamoto Support Project.

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