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  • No.12931(2017/6/19)

Tomi White 2014 wins the Gold Medal at the French International Wine Competition “Les Citadelles du Vin”

Consecutive Awards from the 2011 Vintage

The Suntory Tomi No Oka Winery Tomi White 2014, made by Suntory Wine International Limited, has won the gold medal at the prestigious French international wine competition “Les Citadelles du Vin 2017”, continuing its string of wins from the 2011 vintage. The Suntory Tomi No Oka Winery Tomi Red 2012 also took a silver medal.

“Les Citadelles du Vin” is a prestigious international wine competition organized under the patronage of the Organisation Internationale de la Vigne et du Vin (OIV).

These are very important awards that recognize the fine efforts at winemaking made by Suntory Wine International Limited.

Characteristics of the Award-Winning Wines
● Tomi No Oka Winery Series
This series uses 100% grapes harvested at Tomi No Oka, a locale with an ideal grape-cultivation climate even within Yamanashi Prefecture, renowned for its grapes. Made from only the highest-quality grapes within our own vineyards, cultivated through thoroughgoing yield restriction, Tomi is the flagship brand of our “Japan Wine” and represents a triumph of the winemakers’ skill and passion.

▼ Suntory Tomi No Oka Winery Tomi White 2014
Characteristics include a refined fruity aroma reminiscent of tropical fruits, citrus, and peaches, as well as a mellow flavor with a pleasant aftertaste.

▼ Suntory Tomi No Oka Winery Tomi Red 2012
The aroma is of black fruit such as dark cherries and of barrel, with an elegant flavor characterized by a rich fruitiness and high-quality, silky tannins.

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