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French Suntory Group Soft Drink Company Begins New Water Resource Conservation Activities

— Orangina Suntory France Forms New Partnership with its Community for Water Resource Conservation —

Orangina Suntory France, a soft drink company in the Suntory Group, formed a new water resource conservation partnership with Grand Parc Miribel Jonage, a nature park located near its Meyzieu Plant, on June 20th, 2017*. A ceremony was held on September 16th*, Saturday in France. Orangina Suntory France, a group company of Suntory Beverage & Food Limited, manufactures and distributes soft drink brands such as Orangina and Oasis in France.

*Local time in France

Orangina Suntory France will conduct forest conservation activities in Grand Parc Miribel Jonage and support educational programs for children. It will also establish a water-themed playground for park visitors from the local community to enjoy. Through these activities, Orangina Suntory France will promote preserving the natural environment and conserving water around the plant area.
The group’s environmental activities are driven by Suntory’s corporate philosophy “To create Harmony with People and Nature” and corporate tagline of “Follow Your Nature.” In Japan, Suntory started the Natural Water Sanctuary Project to cultivate forests that nurture groundwater and the Suntory Mizuiku- water education program to conduct environmental education for future generations since 2004. The group has also implemented the Suntory Mizuiku in Vietnam, which has been in high regard by local governments and local communities, since 2015. Following the global expansion of the Suntory group, we have created the Suntory Group’s Sustainable Water Philosophy, the basic philosophy for all “water” related conservation and education activities in January 2017.
The Suntory Group will continue sharing its philosophies throughout the entire group of more than 300 domestic and international companies. It will also implement activities in each local environment to help conserve water,our most precious resource for the future of the Suntory.

▼ Suntory Group’s CSR

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