News Release

  • No.13138(2018/3/22)

Signing the CEO Water Mandate, a UN Global Compact initiative

Suntory Holdings Limited has signed "The CEO Water Mandate," a UN Global Compact initiative for the realization of sustainable growth in the global community. The CEO Water Mandate, an international framework that addresses various issues related to water sustainability and water resources, has been endorsed by about 140 companies worldwide so far.

Under "Mizu To Ikiru", our promise to the society, the Suntory Group upholds its commitment to global engagement in actions related to water, including preservation and regeneration of the natural environment, based on Sustainable Water Philosophy, a shared groupwide philosophy with regard to water. In Japan, our activities include the Natural Water Sanctuary Project for forest preservation with the goal of water resource cultivation, and Suntory Mizuiku – Natural Water Education Program to teach the next generation about the importance of water. In other countries, we are working to resolve water-related issues in various locations in collaboration with local partners. By its endorsement of the CEO Water Mandate, Suntory will further strengthen its commitment to actions for water stewardship.

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