News Release

  • No.13219(2018/7/4)

Introduction of Online Medical Care System for Use by (Advanced Elderly) Family Members of Employees

- Uses of video chat function etc. on a tablet -
- Also provides online health guidance for employees(*1) aged under 40 -

From October 2018, Suntory Holdings Limited will introduce, to a few areas in Japan, a new health policy under which family members of employees*1 aged 75 and older can undergo medical treatment at home. The system uses YaDoc, an online medical care system developed by Integrity Healthcare Co., Ltd. In October this year, the company will also start providing online health advice to employees*1 aged under 40 who are at risk for lifestyle diseases.

The Suntory Group believes that having employees who are healthy both physically and mentally and can work energetically is the source of its competitiveness. In 2016 Suntory began Health and Productivity Management activities, which have been promoted strongly.

In the Health and Productivity Management program, efforts to prevent lifestyle diseases were given the name ‘Suntory Health-Ma Challenge’. As well as conducting walking and health camps, seminars and health mileage campaigns, Suntory has engaged in various health promotion efforts including assisting with the cost of physical examinations for family members.

This latest effort involves the installation of an online medical care system in which the employee’s*1 family member (advanced elderly) who, despite living in a remote area, can receive medical care from their treating clinician while at home, via video chat on a tablet. This will be introduced in areas, such as the cities of Fukuoka and Nagoya, from this October, with the aim of reducing both the hospital visit burden of the patient and the care burden of the employee*1 themselves.

In addition to providing specific health guidance for persons aged 40 and older as stipulated by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Suntory will introduce online health guidance for people under the age of 40 from October this year. Through early-stage health guidance, Suntory will try to prevent disease progression.

*1 Employees of Suntory Holdings Limited and Suntory Beverage & Food Limited

● Online medical treatment for elderly family members of employees
Date of introduction:October 2018
(after introduction in areas including Fukuoka City and Nagoya City, will be progressively expanded to other areas)
Eligible people:Parents of employees*1 or employee spouses aged 75 and older, who satisfy the following conditions
(1)live in a remote area*2
(2)With a significant burden of nursing care or doctor visits, etc.
(3)Satisfying the various conditions of online treatment
Clinician:Medical institution treating the eligible person
Content:Online treatment under health insurance, via a tablet
(Online treatment is applicable only if the doctor agrees to do so. As a general rule, initial consultation must take place face to face.)

*2 Introduction will be limited to certain areas such as Fukuoka City and Nagoya City

● Online health guidance for employees under 40 years of age
Date of introduction:October 2018
Eligible people:Employees*1 under 40 years of age who are at risk for lifestyle diseases
Leaders:Public health nurses, nurses, and nutritionists cooperating with Integrity Healthcare Co., Ltd.
Content:Guidance implemented based on specific health guidance established by Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. Content of guidance is shared with our public health staff.

● Integrity Healthcare Co., Ltd.
Founded in 2009. Provides technology-based medical consultations for doctors. As part of the TETSUYU Group centered on Tetsuyu Medical Institute, aims to create new medical care systems in order to make Japan a country advanced in healthcare.

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