News Release

  • (2018/11/22)
  • Suntory Holdings Limited

Suntory awarded “Best of the Best” in Japan Branding Awards 2018

Suntory Holdings Limited has been awarded the “Best of the Best” in the Japan Branding Awards 2018 announced by Interbrand Japan on November 22 (Thu.).

The Japan Branding Awards has been established by Interbrand Japan this year with the objective to support further growth of corporations. The event recognizes companies, groups, businesses and services that carry out excellent branding activities.

Upon receiving the most highly prized “Best of the Best”, Suntory was recognized for the internal branding of its corporate brand in the following ways:
- Based on its corporate philosophy, Suntory has developed an integrated brand for domestic and overseas markets by defining the broad promise of coexisting with water, which it makes to its stakeholders, as “Mizu To Ikiru” for its overseas operations.
- The company strives to seek understanding and empathy by conveying its way of thinking based on its corporate philosophy through magazines, videos, on-site training and other initiatives after gaining an understanding of the local cultures.

●Suntory’s Corporate Philosophy

●About Interbrand
Interbrand is the world’s biggest brand consultancy established in London in 1974. Interbrand Japan was set up in Tokyo in 1983 as the company’s third office, following London and New York. It provides total branding services to various organizations and groups including Japanese companies, foreign companies, and government and public institutions.

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