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In the summer of 2014, Suntory again held its technical intership program, which was prepared for non-Japanese students in the sciences.
One of the interesting things about the program is that it takes up questions and issues that do not have any hard and fast answers.
The two interns experienced the path to solution of issues that are actually confronting the production site at Suntory right now, with the assistance of senior employees who functioned as "coachers".
It was up to the interns themselves to construct and test hypotheses for solution of the issues. Whether or not they obtained anticipated results depended on the correctness of their approaches. We made a point of having the interns experience the same conditions as our employees. We believe they received a genuine taste of the work of engineers at Suntory.

  • *It should be noted that this internship program has absolutely no connection with the selection of personnel for hiring.