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At Suntory, people are power

It goes without saying that staff are the most important resource for any business. This is particularly true here at Suntory. We pride ourselves on being a company that takes care of its staff and responds to their needs.
Suntory provides a great working environment in which ambitious and hard-working men and women can thrive and succeed. Our human resources policies have been developed to reflect the following statements:

  • To respect and take care of each and every member of staff, while leading them to reach their full professional potential.
  • To encourage staff to develop their individual skill sets and professional strengths.

Personnel Performance System

Personnel performance reviews (staff evaluations) are carried out in order to assess how well staff members are contributing to corporate performance in their present position, and to ensure that the capacity of staff to make positive contributions is being fairly rewarded in remuneration packages. In order to carry out an accurate review based on actual performance, at the beginning of each year an interview will be held between managers and staff members, in which a ‘Work Objectives Plan’ will be drawn up. At the end of the year, a review will be carried out according to how well staff have performed against the objectives and according to the processes set out in the plan. This ensures the review to be objective and makes review outcomes easier to accept. We have found that the inclusion of this personalized performance element into the review process, rather than carrying out a simple examination of figures-based performance, helps to improve job fulfillment, too.

Personnel Performance System

As the diagram above shows, the system means that managers meet with staff several times a year, in face-to-face meetings, creating a platform to discuss individual roles, performance, and evaluation results. This is not simply to ensure that remuneration is appropriate to performance. The year-long process also allows managers to help each and every member of staff to develop skills, to stay motivated, and to perform to his or her full potential. That is why the system is so important to the company.

Career Vision System

Suntory’s Career Vision System ensures that every staff member is provided with an opportunity to discuss their career with their managers once every year for their personal growth.
Under this system, the staff members have a meeting with their managers to discuss their career thoroughly, such as how fulfilling their current job is, what job they want to try to do, and which department they wish to be placed in. The HR Department then examines how each staff member should be developed and which position they should be assigned to, based on the Career Vision Sheet filled out by each staff member and their manager, as well as on the company’s policy, to support their challenging career path.

Placing New Recruits

Placing New Recruits

  • In October, guidance sessions provide details on the company outline, business deployment, organizational structure, and the work undertaken by each department.
  • In February, self assessment forms are submitted to the HR department, in which candidates can indicate the kind of work they would like to do upon joining the company, the kind of experience they would like to gain in the future, and information about their own strengths and skills (areas of study, qualifications, skills etc.).
  • Final decisions on placement will be made in April, before which candidates will undergo a placement interview in which they will have the chance to discuss which departments and positions they would like to be placed in. Regardless of the preferences discussed in the placement interview, candidates will be allocated placement based on a comprehensive evaluation of overall company staffing requirements and individual suitability.

Staff Transfers

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  • As part of the self assessment submitted every year, and in addition to feedback on how worthwhile they feel their current role to be and their level of satisfaction with the role, staff may indicate to which positions and/or departments they wish to be transferred. Staff will then have the opportunity to discuss transfers directly with managers.
  • Managers will add their managerial comments to the self assessment form, and a skills & training plan will be drawn up for each member of staff.

The Career Vision Sheet for each staff member are then sent to the HR Department, where decisions are made based on staff preferences, overall company staffing requirements, and managerial reports. Rotation plans and skills & training plans are also considered, before the final decision on transfers is made.

65-year-old retirement system

Under our “Elder Partner System,” a post-retirement reemployment system established to provide elderly workers opportunities to fully utilize their skills even after their retirement, we offer the employment to all retirees who meet certain conditions regarding health, commuting, and others. In 2012, about 82% of retirees expressed their desire to continue working, and about 98% or 57 workers of them were reemployed. In 2013, we also introduced a new retirement system that allows workers to remain employed until 65 years old, in order to ensure that the company can continue to make the most of their experience and valuable skills.

Benefits Systems

We work to provide employees with an environment in which they can work well, work healthily, and work with assurance in the business world.

Accommodation for Unmarried Staff

Two types of accommodation are available: company-owned shared dormitory-style residences and rented space in private apartments. Accommodation is provided for approximately ¥8,000 a month, for a private room with air conditioning.

  • Suntory Nakanoshima Residence (Kawasaki)
    Suntory Nakanoshima Residence (Kawasaki)
  • Suntory Shinagawa Residence (Tokyo)
    Suntory Shinagawa Residence (Tokyo)
    Bedroom (above); kitchen (below)
    Bedroom (above); kitchen (below)

Company Housing

Suntory yamazaki Company Housing
Suntory yamazaki Company Housing

Company housing is available throughout the entire country, as is a ‘Rent Support System’ which provides assistance for non-company housing. An incentive scheme for home-owners is also available, comprising a system which provides a ‘Home Acquisition Assistance Payment’ on purchase of a home.


Staff can make use of contracted welfare facilities at member rates. There is also a system which subsidizes vacation accommodation. Staff can also make use of the company sports center and fitness clubs at member rates.


Family allowance, travel allowance, others.


All social insurances, asset-building saving scheme, company savings deposits, welfare association.


Rest & Recuperation Leave System
After ten years of service, staff are given a period of ‘rest & recuperation’ leave every five years, to allow them to refresh themselves physically and mentally. Eligible staff are provided with a maximum of four weeks of leave and an incentive payout to use for the leave.
Long-term Illness / Nursing Care Leave System
This system allows staff to use their accumulation of unused annual leave, up to a maximum of 60 days (maximum of 10 days per year), during periods of long-term illness or to provide nursing care to a family member.
Health Improvement System
We want our staff to stay healthy and happy. In order to ensure this, we run a comprehensive health check and detailed follow-ups. Staff aged 40 years and over are required to undertake regular full health checks, the cost of which is borne by the company.

Promoting Diversity

At Suntory, we are committed to creating new value by ensuring we are willing and able to take on and maximize the potential of staff from diverse backgrounds, in diverse circumstances, and with diverse approaches to work. This is the core objective of our program to promote diversity in the workplace.
To ensure a working environment that is welcoming and accessible to women, Suntory is continuing to expand our childcare support schemes, and have obtained the “Kurumin” certification issued by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in recognition of workplaces that support parenting employees. As a result of our efforts to evaluate staff based on their drive and capability, rather than their gender, the percentage of staff at office manager level or above who are female is 8.6% (as of December 31, 2012), more than double the figure from five years earlier.
We have also put measures in place to allow greater diversity and flexibility in patterns of work. This has involved expanding our range of work options, which currently include working from home, flexible hours, or combinations of options, and making these options available to all staff. The aim of our diversity promotion policy is to provide a working environment that will allow all staff to work to the best of their abilities in a style that is appropriate to their personal circumstances.

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  2009 2010 2011 2012
Childcare Leave 75 95 107 114
Contracted / Flexible Working Hours 73 77 105 114
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