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Related books and reports

  • Heading to the Forest to Conserve Water(2012) published in Japanese
    Takeshi Yamada
    Forests play an important role in recharging precious groundwater, but their degradation is causing severe challenges. This document presents a detailed history of Suntory's Natural Water Sanctuary Project, created to protect the future of our forests and groundwater through careful scientific inquiry into the source of these challenges.
  • The Wisdom of Water(2010) published in Japanese
    The University of Tokyo "Wisdom of Water" (sponsored by Suntory)
    Editorial supervisor: Taikan Oki
    This is a compilation of lectures given at an independent research seminar entitled "Wisdom of Water (Suntory) Corporate Sponsored Research Program". It presents an overview of cutting-edge findings in the field of water research by introducing the work of scientists and practitioners active in diverse fields spanning both the humanities and sciences.
  • The Scientific Study of "Natural Water Sanctuaries"(2013) published in Japanese
    Institute for Water Science, Suntory Business Expert Ltd.
    Suntory Holdings Ltd.
    Suntory has developed "Natural Water Sanctuaries" in various places around Japan as key sites for recharging groundwater and conserving biodiversity. This report introduces a wide range of research activities that look at the natural water cycle, plant life, soil, and more with the aim of creating forests with rich biological diversity and a superior ability to recharge groundwater.
  • Water map of Japan(2012) published in Japanese
    Organization for Interdisciplinary Research Project, The University of Tokyo
    Edited by members of the "Wisdom of Water" (Suntory) Corporate Sponsored Research Program
    This wide-ranging analysis evaluates and maps a host of different water-related concepts—water taste, water quality, water resources, water supply, water costs, water damage, and more—in various places throughout Japan. The result is a clear, approachable survey of the relationships between people and water that is filled with illuminating figures and easy-to-read tables.
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