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"Mizu To Ikiru" with efforts to conserve precious water resources and natural life forms.

The Suntory Group has established the Promise "Mizu To Ikiru", literally, living with water. Since we rely on water and the gifts of nature, we have to conserve our water resources, use water responsibly, and send it back into the environment without causing environmental harm. It is in this way that we fulfill our social responsibility and help create a more sustainable society. The Suntory Group established the Institute for Water Science to deepen our understanding of the water we use and to conserve our water resources for the future. Through various fields of water research, including hydrology-based natural water cycles that use forest functions to recharge water sources, the study of global water issues, water health, and water preferences. In carrying out our role as a multifaceted food and beverage company, we continue to advance research and spread knowledge of all aspects of water, from its workings in the natural world to its workings within the human body.

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