Human capital management
since our founding in 1899

We aim to inspire the brilliance of life, by creating rich experiences for people, in harmony with nature.
To achieve this, we pursue a variety of initiatives based on the concept of human capital management, in which people are the most important foundation for management.

Founder's Epsode

Personnel are like whiskey.
You can't judge them over the short term.
You have to take a long-term view.

The dreams and history of our founder

Suntory's 123-year history has been one of challenges. Suntory founder Shinjiro Torii held lofty ambitions as he paved the way for the Western liquor market in Japan with the launch of Akadama Port Wine. He used the profits from Akadama Port Wine to embark on the challenge of making Japan's first genuine domestic whisky, despite the objections of those around him who called his plan reckless. However, he was successful in popularizing Western liquor culture in Japan. In the 1960s, Suntory staked its fate and future on the beer business, which had been dominated by a few large sellers. In the 1990s, Suntory launched a series of new businesses, including the soft drink business, the RTD and shochu business, as well as the health food business that eventually developed into Suntory Wellness. After 2000, the company began to expand globally both boldly and in earnest. Aiming for further growth, Suntory grew into the Suntory Group--the global multifaceted beverage company with a diverse portfolio that it is today--by continuing to "challenge new frontiers of value" exactly as the corporate motto states, by doing what others do not and taking on new challenges.

The source of our growth has always been people. "Developing people is like brewing whiskey. Some whiskey doesn't develop the way you initially thought it would. When that happens, you re-cork it and let it age some more. After a while, it will become even more wonderful than you ever imagined. Personnel are like whiskey. You can't judge them over the short term. You have to take a long-term view, the same way that you carefully nurture whiskey." As expressed in these words from the second president Keizo Saji, since the very beginning, the Suntory Group has believed that people are the most important management foundation, and we have taken a long-term approach to human resource development. As each and every employee continues to grow by maximizing their individuality and abilities, the value of the Suntory Group as a whole will also rise, elevating us to even greater heights.

Our Motto expresses Suntory's spirit and philosophy, passed down since our company was founded.
The essence of our motto continues to inspire Suntory Group's Corporate Philosophy today.

"Giving Back to Society," a philosophy of passed down through the generations

The success of our business is thanks to our customers, our business partners, and the society in which we live. Since our founding, we have upheld the principle of "Giving Back to Society" out of a desire to be of service to our customers and partners and contribute to society, instead of simply reinvesting profits back into the business. At the root of this philosophy is our desire to "aim for the brilliance of all life." Going forward, we will continue to grow our business, engage in further environmental activities, contribute to society, and invest generously in human resources based on the principle of "Giving Back to Society."

Suntory Volunteers

With "Giving Back to Society" as one of its cherished values, Suntory Group believes that it is important not only for the company to be good but also for each and every employee to be a good person and maintain robust connections with society.

Under the catchphrase "using your talents outside of work has real worth," the internal company website Suntory Volunteers posts information on volunteer opportunities. The site also provides reports on actual activities, such as the "Volunteer Activities Diary" and "Hands-on Report," and has partnered with Volunteer Web (provided by the Japan Philanthropic Association, PIIA) so that the system can be used to introduce and register for activities.

Employees are also actively encouraged to use time freed up through workstyle reforms for volunteer activities. A Volunteer Leave System is in place to support this, and Global Volunteer Meetings are also held to provide employees in charge of promoting volunteer activities around the world with opportunities to gather together. Through volunteer activities, employees are exposed to new values, which also leads to opportunities for personal growth.

Examples of Suntory Group Volunteer Activities

Beam Suntory, Inc.
Some 2,000 employees from 55 regions across 14 countries participated in clean-up and disaster support activities during its April 2019 "Together for Good" initiative.
Suntory Beverage & Food Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.
In Vietnam, volunteer activities are organized in conjunction with the expansion of Suntory Group's Enlightening the next generation, Suntory "Mizuiku" - Natural Water Education Program.
Suntory Beverage & Food Europe Limited
Employees participate in food banks and volunteer beach cleanup activities.

Employees engage in hands-on forestry

Suntory Group's main businesses are sustained by nature's gifts of water resources and crops. In cooperation with local governments and forest owners, Suntory provides employees with Hands-On Forestry Training each year at Natural Water Sanctuaries established in various locations to conserve forests. Each employee cuts underbrush and prunes branches on their own, providing opportunities for them to experience and understand the Suntory Group's value of co-existing with society and with nature.

As members of the local community

Under the Cabinet Office's program supporting human resources for regional revitalization, we have introduced a system to dispatch employees on a volunteer basis to local governments around Japan for limited periods of time. Once dispatched, these broadly experiences employees are able to leverage the knowledge they have accumulated up to that point to contribute to local communities, such as by enhancing the local government and strengthening administrative functions. In addition, gaining experience away from the company revitalizes employees' careers, and helps diversify personnel within the Suntory Group.

Working to make "Yatte Minahare" happen

"Yatte Minahare" means refusing to fear failure, refusing to give in or give up, and staying relentless in our quest to innovate new values. We have introduced various means and systems to encourage each employee to embody the "Yatte Minahare" spirit.

Yatte Minahare Award

In 2015, we established the "Walk the Walk - Yatte Minahare Award" for all employees of the Suntory Group. This award is given to teams that set lofty goals and embody "Yatte Minahare" through challenging activities based on completely new concepts unbound by conventional practices. In 2022, the 8th year of the award, 483 teams from all over the world participated. In the future, the Suntory Group will continue to work to create new value throughout the world by dreaming big and bringing out the best in one another.

Challenging Goals

In 2013, Suntory established the "Challenging Goals" system for its members. Under this system, employees set challenging and ambitious goals above and beyond their regular duties, and their achievements are awarded points during performance evaluations. By setting more challenging goals and taking action without fear of failure, employees reinforce the culture of "Yatte Minahare," one of Suntory Group's values.

FRONTIER DOJO, an in-house venture project

FRONTIER DOJO is an in-house venture project launched in 2021 to create innovation and build the Suntory of the future. Any employee who desires to personally start a new business can enter (earning a white belt). After passing through a series of training and selection programs, employees are promoted to brown belt and black belt, and once they clear the final presentation in front of management and outside investors, they are deemed to have achieved mastery. At which point, they gain the right to work formally toward commercialization.

In 2021, the first year of the project, four of the 294 business plans submitted received final approval. Those who formulated these plans are on their way to becoming in-house entrepreneurs.

Clearly stating the Group's ideal leadership style

The Suntory Group has set forth the behaviors required globally of leaders under the title Suntory Leadership Spirit (SLS).
It consists of "Yatte Minahare," "Gemba Focused," "Better Together," "Future Oriented," and "Commitment to Growth." These five form the foundation of leadership that creates the Suntory Group's values and uniqueness.
In particular, "Commitment to Growth" requires managers to remain constantly engaged as they set up development plans for subordinates from a medium- to long-term perspective and actively support their growth, while also remaining aware of their own personal growth. We believe that when all managers demonstrate strong leadership, leading by example and embodying these behaviors, it will lead to the development of people and the maximization of the organization's capabilities.

The value and pride of working for Suntory

Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

In 2021, the Suntory Group announced the Employee Value Proposition (EVP) of "Unleash Your Spirit" for employees overseas. An EVP is an expression of the value that the company provides to its employees. The purpose is to remind employees of what they value in the company and why they continue to work, and to inspire those who take an interest in Suntory to want to join a company with such values.

We would like to broadly communicate--to all employees in the Suntory Group, both in Japan and overseas, as well as to everyone outside of the company--the value for people that Suntory has cherished since its foundation. In doing so, we would like to enhance our presence as a global company and further promote One Suntory. Based on this desire, we clearly state these values together with our overseas group companies to send a unified group message.

Suntory Unleash Your Spirit - We Are Suntory


Suntory conducts organizational culture surveys annually. We conduct surveys to determine how each individual employee perceives and understands our corporate philosophy in the context of their daily duties, as well as their degree of awareness of the organizational culture, policies, and status of compliance of their respective companies and workplaces. This information is then shared and utilized by management as well as by each company and department. Group companies overseas also conduct organizational culture surveys, and in the 2022 survey, approx. 80% of employees replied that they are proud to work in the Suntory Group.