Developing Human Resources to
Lead Management Strategies

As the environment continues to change with increasing severity, there is a growing need for human resources who can lead management strategies to achieve further growth.
We promote activities based both on acquiring new human resources upon whom the future rests and developing human resources capable of overcoming challenges.

Efforts to instill the Suntory MONOZUKURI Values

We engage in a variety of initiatives aimed at sharing the Suntory MONOZUKURI Values (SMV), the Suntory craftsmanship spirit and action guidelines that we have cherished since our founding, with employees involved in manufacturing overseas.

Learning together about good examples set by workplaces around the world (case studies from 2021 and 2022)
  • Production Leadership Team Conference
    (Held at the Suntory Tennensui Kita-Alps Shinano-no-Mori Water Plant)
  • SMV Workshop (Held in Europe)
  • SBF Group Quality Conference
  • SBF Group World KAIZEN Forum
Global Training Platform Site
STEP - Suntory Technological Platform
  • An online field training platform established as a means of turning the crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic into an opportunity
  • Each country proactively implements field training using content within STEP

Development of a consumer-centered organization and human resources committed to experiencing the field - Center of Excellence -

Suntory Beverage & Food Limited (SBF) is promoting the Center of Excellence (CoE) as a platform for the worldwide dissemination of the expertise and wisdom possessed by business locations around the world.

In order to realize speedy lateral development, the CoE is not centralized at the head office. It is instead characterized by positioning people and expertise in the field as close to consumers as possible, creating a system capable of responding immediately and decisively to changes in the market.

For example, by remaining in close communication with the personnel in charge of each business unit, CoE personnel in the Asia Pacific region are able to create and deploy models and examples that can be incorporated in the field in each country.

In the future, the Suntory Group will continue to make organizations more consumer-oriented and improve its ability to train personnel with a focus on field experience.

SBF Financial Results
(Released at a briefing on February 14, 2022)

CoE personnel in charge of the Asia Pacific region

Production of global project leaders

We are launching a series of global projects that span multiple regions, businesses, and functions in order to deliver new value to consumers around the world.

Successfully implementing global projects requires leaders with global literacy as well as knowledge and experience gained in the field. Global leaders who have honed themselves in the field and through training participate in projects to ensure craftsmanship and create value that is both competitive and unique.

Integrated initiatives to realize company-wide digital transformation

We engage in integrated efforts to achieve company-wide digital transformation with the goal of delivering new value to consumers through the power of digital technology.

Improving the digital skills and digital literacy of all employees
  • Year-round digital training for all employees
  • Video archives and external e-learning by internal and external instructors for everyone from beginners to intermediate and advanced digital learners
The “Digital Challenge”: Enhancing training to develop digital human resources capable of driving business transformation
  • Tough 7-month off-the-job programs
  • Real-world problem-solving programs
Recruitment and development of professional human resources
  • Designing a superior system in the digital human resources market, where the competition for talent is heating up
  • Operation of a digital transformation course that specializes in recruiting, training, evaluating, and compensating digital human resources

Development of human resources to lead business globally

The Suntory Group’s rapid global expansion is the result of people taking on challenges and working together, unfettered by the borders between countries and companies. Our employees, who come from different historical and cultural backgrounds, share the Group’s philosophy and values, and while clashes may occasionally occur, employees have continued to bring together their diverse knowledge to take on the challenge of creating new value.

Now that our business fields are expanding worldwide and we have colleagues around the globe, we will continue to invest generously in the human resources who drive our business globally.

Trainee System
Through one year of on-the-job training (OJT) at an overseas group company, trainees work to acquire expertise, cross-cultural competence, and global leadership skills, etc. Monthly meetings are held with a dedicated mentor in Japan to review each trainee’s progress. In 2021, the number trainees dispatched doubled, and employees are able to apply from their third year in the company, aiding in the early formation of international careers.
Studying Externally at a Business School
Employees study externally at a business school in Japan or overseas to obtain an MBA.
In 2020 and 2021, employees studied at Harvard Business School, Columbia University, the University of Chicago, and other institutions.
Global Challenge System
Employees participate in a tough one-year off-the-job program while continuing to work in their current department with the goal of transforming themselves into a global leader. Upon completion, participants have the opportunity to transfer or change duties under the assumption that they will be active as global leaders in the future.
Global University
The Suntory University offers a variety of content, including English language study, cross-cultural understanding, and support for obtaining qualifications to aid employees in autonomously and independently acquiring a global mindset, skills, and knowledge.