Logistics Initiatives

SBF reduces environmental impact through initiatives such as bulk shipments for large amounts of products and efficient shipping systems.

Implementation of modal shift

SBF is implementing a modal shift for main shipping methods of medium and long-distance cargo. Specifically, we are shifting to bulk shipments for large amounts, such as ship and railway instead of using trucks and other automobiles. This helps environmental impact on society caused by suppressing air pollution due to exhaust gas, reducing petroleum consumption, alleviating traffic jams, etc.
In March 2011, Suntory Foods Limited and two other Suntory Group companies received Eco Rail Mark certification from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. This certification recognizes corporations which use environmentally-friendly railway cargo shipping and actively work to resolve global environmental issues.

Constructing efficient shipping systems including joint shipping with other companies

Through our Integrated Transportation ®Arrangement, which reduces the number of trucks used and the distance/time during which trucks drive while empty. In addition, we are reducing the environmental impact even further by limiting the loss when transporting goods with efforts such as sharing distribution information with other companies to combining cargo of multiple companies in one truck. Also, Toyobo Logistics Co., Ltd. and Suntory Logistics Ltd. have conducted joint distribution since January 2010. We forecast an annual reduction of approximately 100 tons in CO2 emissions by loading cargo for both the outgoing and return routes of trucks which previously only held cargo one way. Moving forward, we plan to expand the regions and products targeted for joint shipping.

Participation in the Larger Natural Gas Truck Promotion Project

SBF participates as a monitor company in the Japan Gas Association's Larger Natural Gas Truck Promotion Project, promoting the use of larger trucks that run on natural gas to take advantage of a potentially lower environmental impact. From March to September of 2012, we utilized large natural gas trucks for deliveries to preferred customers in the Tokyo and Saitama areas, and for transport between distribution centers in the Kanto region. SBF will continue to implement a variety of activities to achieve environmentally-friendly distribution.