The Suntory People Way

The accelerating global expansion of Suntory Group's business operations has been paralleled by the expansion of the diversity of people in our workforce. The philosophy on the role of people as the driving force for growth across the entire Suntory Group is encapsulated in the "Suntory People Way." This philosophy reflects the originality and uniqueness of Suntory. It consists of three elements—Family, Yatte Minahare, and Engagement—each representing the thoughts and ideas about the people who make up the Suntory Group. This philosophy is also the starting point for all activities relating to our people.


We are One Suntory family. We provide opportunities for personal and professional growth, health and well-being with long term view, while empowering our people to deliver results.


Just like our founders, we set exciting and ambitious goals and then tenaciously pursue their achievement. We demonstrate a spirit of never giving up.


We are bonded by the Founding Spirit and vision of "Growing for Good." Each and every day, our highly engaged and unique individuals work in harmony, bring our very best and create value that surprises and delights our customers, consumers and society.

Discovery and Promotion of People with the Potential for Success in a Global Arena

Group Talent Review

Every year Suntory Group members carry out a talent review covering each country, region, and business area in which they are involved. The purpose of this process is to discover, develop, and utilize human resources with the potential to make a group-wide contribution at the global level. Review results are shared and discussed across the entire Group. Senior managers from each group meet to look at the positioning of key talent in the Group, to draw up succession plans for key positions, and consider the relocation of personnel to different countries or business areas. This process creates a wide range of growth opportunities and plays an important role in career development. We will continue to evolve our group-wide talent development systems.

Leadership Development, Training Programs

The Suntory Group recognizes people as the source of corporate growth. This philosophy was re ected in the establishment of the Suntory University human resource development program in April 2015. The Suntory Group is continually developing business leaders to drive business growth, by providing opportunities for people aspiring to a higher-level business career to stretch their career goals. The diverse training curricula go beyond traditional operational categories and include opportunities to work with or in other companies and countries. They are also linked to management strategies. There are programs for people at various career levels, including the Global Leadership Development Program for team leaders, the Beyond Borders Program for organization leaders, and the Global Leadership Forum for next-generation management candidates. The Career Challenge Program is designed to strengthen the basic skills needed for global operations, while the Trainee Program allows people to develop their cultural adaptability through OJT with overseas Group companies. In addition, there are training courses designed to share and disseminate knowledge and policies relating to speci c functions, such as production and R&D.

Sharing and Disseminating the Founding Spirit

We have developed activities to ensure that people in all Group companies in Japan and overseas understand and share the Suntory corporate philosophy and founding spirit—Yatte Minahare, and giving back to society. Under the Suntory Group's Ambassador Program, we use lectures, facility tours, and workshops to deepen understanding about Suntory's founding spirit, while building a sense of unity as members of the Suntory Group. Senior executives from SBF visit business sites in Japan and overseas and actively participate in town hall meetings to talk about the founding spirit and SBF's vision in their own words.

Reforms toward Productivity Improvement and More Flexible Workstyles

Suntory Group employees come from a wide range of backgrounds. We have implemented a variety of initiatives to help them work energetically while achieving high productivity, including the introduction of flextime, the promotion of teleworking, and the use of shared offices in Japan. Other innovations that are helping to improve individual skill levels and day-to-day productivity are intranet-based knowledge sharing, and IT skill training programs that we have developed in-house. We are progressively using robotic process automation (RPA) to improve efficiency, and we are expanding the range of processes covered by this initiative to include administrative and sales management areas.
In 2016, we established the "Terakoya" (temple school) website as a forum where employees can use time freed up through productivity improvement to achieve further personal growth by engaging in their own learning and teaching activities. Through this site, where employees can share their personal interests and skills regardless of their work or positions, we are encouraging the development of a culture in which anyone can learn or be taught.

Promoting Health Management

The Suntory Group has been promoting health management since 2016. Suntory companies have introduced various initiatives to encourage individuals to set lifestyle improvement goals and work continuously and independently to improve their health. Under the Suntory Health Challenge, for example, employees attend health camps and earn "health mileage points" according to their efforts. In 2017, approximately 38,000 employees from all Suntory Group companies worldwide were invited to the "One Suntory Walk," an event that combined global health management with environmental management.
In recognition of these initiatives, both Suntory Holdings Limited and Suntory Beverage & Food Limited (SBF) were included in the 2018 "White 500" list. This is the large corporate section of a program jointly run by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Nippon Kenko Kaigi to provide recognition for "Outstanding Health and Productivity Management Organizations."