Strong Track Record of Acquisitions
to Accelerate Global Business Expansion

Our first step toward overseas expansion was the acquisition in 1980 of PepCom Industries, Inc., a Pepsi bottler in the United States. Then in 1990, we established a foothold in the Asian market by acquiring Cerebos Pacific Limited (the Cerebos Group). In 2009, we went on to acquire the Frucor Group, which owns V, a popular energy drink brand in Australia and New Zealand, and the Orangina Schweppes Group, which has a strong operating base in Europe.
On December 31, 2013, we acquired the two brands Lucozade and Ribena in the United Kingdom (the Lucozade Ribena Suntory Group).

We have rapidly expanded our business foundations overseas as we prepare to become a leading player in the global soft drink industry.


With the aim of accelerating growth in Europe overall, we continued to make strides in reducing costs, optimizing our business foundation, and creating synergies.
We will also strive to reinforce business foundation in core regions of Africa.


We made efforts to strengthen our business foundation in each country and region we operate in and engaged in marketing activities centered on our core brands.

In 2016,we will focus efforts on core brands and work to solidify our position in the markets of Southeast Asia.


In addition to revitalizing its leading energy drink V, The Frucor Group worked to expand sales in Oceania by introducing new products and actively conducting marketing activities for Suntory brand OVI.


We work to further strengthen sales of PepsiCo brand products, primarily in the state of North Carolina, and made improvements in business efficiency through efforts to integrate distribution bases and other initiatives.