Management Strategy

Basic corporate management policy

We promise and declare to society that we make our living with water, which we call Mizu to Ikiru. We embrace nature, enrich our society and encourage our people to take on new challenges. In addition, in the light of recent changes in the business environment, such as shifts in social conditions and rising health-focus among consumer needs, we have set our new vision to “Enrich our drinking-experiences to be more natural, healthy, convenient, and fulfilling, by leading the next drinks revolution.”

Long-term strategy and medium-term plan

Based on this new vision, we aim to realize our aspiration “To Be the Third Force” in the global beverage industry, and “2.5 trillion yen sales by 2030 .” In order to achieve these, we have drawn up a long-term strategy and medium-term plan as follows.

1. Long-term strategy
The Group will proactively develop business activities focused on the following seven growth pillars.

(i) Evolve portfolio by satisfying the needs of local consumers
(ii) Enhance availability by exploiting changing trade channels and technologies
(iii) Innovate MONOZUKURI to generate competitiveness
(iv) Expand areas by focusing on growth markets
(v) Develop Beyond RTD Next-generation business model
(vi) Accelerate sustainability management and contribution to local societies
(vii) Strengthen unique global management system of Genba Heroes

2. Medium-term plan (2018-2020)
Based on the long-term strategy, our targets to 2020 are as follows.
(in comparison to 2017 figures and on a currency-neutral basis)
Sales :      Organic growth ahead of market and incremental growth through new investments
Profit :      Grow operating income at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) mid single-digit or above